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Zoolander 2 Trailer


The official trailer for Zoolander 2 (or as Derek would call it: Two-Lander) has dropped and I have just as officially, lost my damned mind!  Words cannot describe the sheer unbridled joy I am experiencing and I feel that only a Xanax would calm me the f*ck down.

Since words escape me, allow me to present 3 necessary images, starting with the eternally (albeit awkwardly) funny, Kristen Wiig and her… well.. WIG:


Followed by Will Ferrel as a musclebound Mugatu:


And the pièce de ré·sis·tance, Benedict Cumberbatch… with no eyebrows:


Somewhere, Whoopi Goldberg is screaming: “Bitch, STOLE my look!”

This movie canNOT get here fast enough!

Zoolander 2 Teaser


What is this?  A trailer for ANTS?!?!?

Yes!  Yes!!  YAAAAAAAAAASSSS!!!  Ben Stiller is back as the one and only Derek Zoolander!  The teaser trailer alone has me searching for advanced screening tickets!  I just DIED!!!