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WOOF Wednesday: Chris Hemsworth


Shortly before the demise of 2014, People Magazine declared who their Sexiest Man Alive was.  I gotta be honest, I was vying for Neil Patrick Harris to be named.  I think having such a prominent title in a magazine like People, would’ve done amazing things in terms of “normalizing” homosexuality in the world and maybe getting the hate-mongers to simmer down even.  At the very least, they might STFU given that they would now be in the minority as being homophobic is just sooooo out of style these days.


That being said, HECK YEAH on Chris Hemsworth!  I’m definitely ok with the hetero option here.  Besides, I don’t think People Magazine lists gay men as their #1 demographic (although I’m sure we’re one of their top 5 targets).  I kind of feel like I should point out that as a rule, I don’t generally find blond men attractive.  That’s not to say that I can’t tell when one IS good looking, they just don’t turn my head to the point of whiplash as much as say Joe Mangienello….

… oh man, can we sidebar on him for one brief picture?


Ok, I feel better.  Chris Hemsworth is a tall glass of water and I am one perpetually thirsty geek. I hadn’t really followed his career prior to him being deemed worthy enough to take up Mjolnir, but I was definitely on board the moment he swung that mighty hammer of his.  In fact, the first promo pic I saw of him as Thor, involved rain and what was a thinly veiled wet T-shirt contest masking itself as turning point for the character.  Poor guy.  Look at him.  He needs a hug.  I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!!….


… ok that was a weird Hunger Games reference that has nothing to do with Chris but since his equally hot brother, Liam, is in the movies, I believe that entitles me to make that sort of remark.  Additionally, I’m gonna need to sidebar a 2nd time to call attention to the sheer adorableness of the skit the Hemsworth Bros did on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Their “sequel” to the Viral YouTube video of Charlie Bit Me, was spot on.

So today’s entry of the sporadic WOOF Wednesday series is happy to add the Aussie Adonis to its ranks.

Why?  Because Reasons!


Chris HemsworthThorShirtless


WOOF Wednesday: Brian Sims


I’m long overdo for a “Woof Wednesday” entry and rather than go my intended route of highlighting hot celebrities that are portrayed as super-heroes (or villains) I thought maybe I should consider a real life hero; Brian Sims, member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. I don’t need to point out that he’s Democrat, right?  That’s just assumed?  Good.

Before I outline some of his great contributions to the furthering of Gay Rights, let’s take a quick look at the Throwback Thursday (TBT) picture that, in my opinion, deserved more credit in potentially breaking the internet than the one about Kim Kardashian and her over-exposed ass (and I mean that in every possible sense of the phrase).  I’m sure by now you’ve seen it but it warrants a 2nd look… or 10.


I mean… COME ON!  How is this guy so damned perfect?!?  He’s an elected official who happens to be gay and pushing for equal rights for all AND he was a football player in his youth?  Flawless has a name and it’s Brian Sims.  I say this whilst I ignore that unusual combination of socks, sandals and leg warmers he’s got going on.  The rest of his pigskin ensemble makes up for the faux pas though; especially that belly shirt.  WOOF, indeed.

During his time playing football in college, he made history as the first openly gay football player in NCAA history.  Not trying to steal Michael Sam’s thunder or anything, but this hottie was there first and opened the door for others like him looking to live the most genuine life possible.


And then of course, there’s all the great work he does with his political power.  He is a vocal and staunch supporter of equal rights for all and isn’t afraid of fighting for what he believes in.  I’m not even one that usually follows any amount of political news because it usually makes me SO angry that I turn red; which as an Asian guy, leads to me looking drunk.


All in all, what we have in our hands is Superman made flesh.  Pause for a moment to consider tha awesomeness of having this beefcake actually in your hands….. Ok, I’m good.  The fact that he’s more than “easy on the eyes” really should be that second thing you think about when you consider the measure of this man, but one look into those eyes and I forget all the important stuff.

So with all that said, I leave you with one parting thought, presented visually:

cc2011036 - Gays to Watch for G Philly

You’re welcome.

WOOF Wednesday : Carver Twins


I feel absolutely horrible about the fact that I missed an opportunity to post a WOOF Wednesday entry last week.  So bad in fact, I’m doubling up this one with not one, but TWO completely woof-able specimens: Max and Charlie Carver.


This Terrific Twosome waltzed into my life on the 2nd Season of Teen Wolf as bad-ass werewolf twins that could strip shirtless and then hug it out to become one SUPER-bad-ass (although nowhere as attractive) Mega-Werewolf with mutton chops that rival Wolverines.  Seriously, they were SEVERE!


I also gotta give props to the adolescent show that I, as a middle-aged gay man probably shouldn’t be enjoying so much, for having one of the two twins play a gay character.  A strong, sexy, gay character with spontaneous episodes of nakedness.  Such a horrible affliction, really.

The Carver Twins in Teen Wolf Episode 3.10

If you haven’t seen an episode of Teen Wolf, you’re kinda missing out on a pretty cool Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Saved by the Bell sort of sitcom where every character is impossibly good-looking.  You’re also missing out on seeing Tyler Hoechlin, shirtless all the time.  A man who definitely deserves one of his own WOOF Wednesday entries but in the interest of being fair, I will refrain from posting pics of him on the Twins’ entry….

… oh what the hell.  BASK!  BASK I SAY!

Tyler Hoechlin shirtless teen wolf

WOOF Wednesday: Henry Cavill Part 2

I had no plans to feature Henry Cavill again so soon after my entry on him for my first Woof Wednesday post (cuz GAWD KNOWS he will do something that warrants his return to it) but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to showcase the video of him getting soaking wet for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

I mean seriously, look at DAT CHEST!  It’s like an onion.  Makes me wanna cry!

OH!  Amy Adams is in it too.  She’s wonderful… but yeah.. HENRY CAVILL!