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Justice League VS Teen Titans

Teen Titans.jpg

In case it isn’t plainly obvious by the subject matter of 99.9% of my posts, I feed the needs of my inner child on a daily basis.  The trailer announcing the upcoming Justice League VS Teen Titans movie, is akin to sitting down at an all-you-can-eat buffet.  It didn’t just blow my mind, but the noggin holding it together.  I’m especially pumped at the fact that the story line revolves around Raven and Trigun.  I’ve always LOVED all that ish.  I’ll be over here fangirl’ing till it arrives.  Until then:

DC Bombshells


Absolutely STUNNING!  Insanely gifted artist, Ant Lucia has taken DC Comic’s Feeme Fatales and re-imagined them as Beautiful Buxom Bombshells.  The attention to detail and historic significance is captivating beyond words.  A part of me is severely wishing that the Zatana and Harley Quinn re-designs, would just be used as their actual standard costumes.  They’re easily my favorites of the whole series.

These prints are available for purchase and it looks like there are even little statuettes for each one by DC collectibles, but I haven’t been able to find a link to them.  Perhaps, they’re just prototypes at this stage?  Who knows?  Either way, these are just ridiculous!  RIDICULOUS I say!


Dawn of Justice: Comic-Con Trailer


Zack Snyder and Comic-Con treat us to the first full length trailer for Dawn of Justice.

Pins and Needles.  Pins and FREAKING Needles!!


Dawn of Justice


Entertainment Weekly is just kilin me with with their ComicCon issue.  Why?  Because The Trinity in all their non-comic book glory is featured on the cover!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!


It’s almost unreal to see these Titans of the DC Universe in full, living color.  I’m literally so excited I could just spit!  I’m glad to see that Wonder Woman’s outfit does have elements of her classic colors versus the very beige and brown debut from a couple of months ago.  Not that I didn’t like her Xena, Warrior Princess vibe; in fact, I personally kinda loved it!  But I know all the fanboys of the world died a little inside. Maybe now, they can calm their nerd rage a smidge?  I mean, COME ON!  This picture looks like it leaped right off the pages of a comic book!


Entertainment Weekly has a few additional exclusive set pics; so if you’re in the mood to nerdgasm a little more, head on over and check them out.

Etch X Sketch


There’s some thing wrong with the state of the world when the ability to succeed and make money in life seems mutually exclusive with the ability to pay for an education worth tens of thousands of dollars. If you end up getting a high paying job that goes up to a six figure salary (or if you’re very lucky, exceeds that) then paying off your student debts won’t be a challenge or seemingly endless journey. How many of these bachelor’s/master’s degree carrying “smarties” are that fortunate, though? You can’t tell me that all the thousands of college educated individuals land that kind of vocation out the gate. Or even several jobs after their first one.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m being cynical. I certainly don’t advocate not wanting an education or pursuing whatever steps one deems necessary in order to attain your goals and dreams. I just hate that there seems to be this premeditated path of success everyone must follow with very little divergence, lest they find themselves resigning to work they just happen to be good at, in order to pay the bills.


You know what I wanted to be when I grew up (besides being a super hero, of course)? Continue reading



Everyone looks so downright angry in the DC Universe.  I guess that will happen once the powers-that-be, wipe your origins clean and then re-brand you as The New 52.  Granted, given some of the more embarrassing affairs of my own past, I would probably have signed up for this myself.  These classic characters however, had no such option. Continue reading

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman


I kinda love this.  It’s very respectful to the original costume without being so over-the-top with the intense patriotic colors.  She also actually looks like an amazon warrior.

Officially excited!