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Recycle, Reduce, Re-Use… OR ELSE!


Have you ever seen the movie Labyrinth?  The one with David Bowie?  As if there were any other worth mentioning.  Well, I’m totally trapped in it except this version is made up entirely of moving boxes, doesn’t have cool Muppets and I don’t see Jareth singing “Magic Dance” whimsically whilst wearing nearly-inappropriate leggings with package well in view.  I feel cheated and a little bit hurt.

One of the great perks with the relocation assistance my hubby’s new job gave us, is that they completely boxed up all our stuff and transported north to our new place.  We couldn’t even help with the boxing up of items because of insurance and liability reasons.  I literally just sat in my old place and instructed them as they packaged up everything from my sofa bed to a fondue fork…. yes, I have a fondue set…. don’t judge me.

The annoying thing about it though is that they don’t UN-pack your stuff.  They just drop it off and leave you in a maze of boxes.  So.  Many.  BOXES!  It’s been about 8 days now and I’m still trying to sort through everything.  The other challenge before me is that recycling is SUPER important around Seattle and potentially the Pacific Northwest in general, so people have this sort of fanatical dedication to making sure everyone does it and does it right!  I’ve been chastised repeatedly by people who can’t mind their own damn business as I try to discard my boxes (which I’ve cut up and try to minimize) into the recycling bin.  Despite my recycling efforts, if you don’t do it precisely and correctly, some people around here have no problem telling you.  We’re talking like Recycling Nazis here.


Nevertheless, I’m happy that I’m slowly dwindling down the boxy landscape that exists in my apartment.  I have about 7 boxes left and I could probably just mow them down, but I think this is a good time to take a break.  Maybe go see more sights of my new city.  I should probably visit the local library and check out books on local recycling efforts.  If nothing else, I can armor myself against new fanatics I run into.

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