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The Doctor is IN!


Benedict Cumberbatch makes his debut as Dr. Strange on Entertainment Weekly‘s cover.  Ummmm… SHWING!!!

NSFW: Wolverine’s Lap Dance

I wrestled with whether or not I would put this on my blog given how absolutely SUPER NSFW it was.  Ultimately, I decided that it was my duty to help Brent Ray Fraser show off his booty… and other unnamed body parts.


This will be your one and ONLY warning: do NOT watch this in the company of those below the age of consent and most assuredly NOT around anybody who may or may not have a say in whether or not you keep your job the next morning.

Full video, after the jump.  Also?  You’re welcome:

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Team Avengers


Meep Meep


Art by Alan Davis

Gauntlet of the King


Archery Contest


Pew Pew


Art by Andrea Scoppetta

Get it Together, FOX!


Deadpool : Official Trailer


O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!  I chortle in my joy!  The official trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Deadpool move is here!  And I mean the REAL trailer; not the trailer for the trailer that came out yesterday…. although, that was pretty hilarious… I’m talkin’ like for realsies, yo.


Can we also briefly take a moment to note the apparent cameo by the X-Men’s resident organic-steel powerhouse, Colossus?!?  I love how they did him this time.  His previous incarnations have always been a tad too shiny for my taste.  They were also missing the segmented plating look that the Deadpool team have just nailed!  Like… with a big effing hammer!


At any rate, I feel the need to stop fangirling all over this post and just let the trailer speak for itself.  Sidebar though?  Did we notice the cross-comic-universe dig at Ryan’s foray into the DC Universe as Green Lantern?  We’re talking serious metaphysical side-eye here.  ENJOY!

Golden Age of Comic Books


Floored.  Absolutely floored!  That’s the only way I can describe my reactions to these EPIC pieces rendered by artist Joe Phillips.  He takes some of Comic Books’ most iconic characters and pairs them with actors and actresses from Hollywood’s Golden Age.  I grew up in a house that watched movies and television programs that highly featured these legendary performers, so this was an extra special treat for me; particularly Lucille Ball as The Scarlet Witch!

I wonder if I can get him to do one with James Dean as Gambit?  Wouldn’t that be just an absolutely PERFECT pairing?!?