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Princess Battle: Peach VS Zelda


The original Princesses of the NES go head to head in this live action battle of comically epic proportions.  The effects and tongue-in-cheek jokes had my eyes glued to the screen and wishing there were more… no… seriously guys… can you make a longer video?  That’d be great!

Just for good measure and extra kudos, here’s a much more “Rated PG-13 skirting on Animated R-rating” fight between these perpetually-kidnapped ladies.  Hide the kids though; the 2nd video isn’t called a Death Battle for nothing.  Gotta love Screw Attack and their insane fight videos!

Epic Soda Stacking


Grammar Raaaaaage!


Just Say No


Super Odinson Bros

Super Odinson Bros

Luigi is done living in Mario’s shadow!


Super Smash Games


Can the Machinima Crew do any wrong?  Cuz I’ve been subscribed to their channel for years and I love everything they crank out; this Hunger Games and Super Smash Bros mash-up, is no exception.

I do however feel the need to point out the sheer hotness of the guy playing Luigi.  Being that I have always been a fan of Luigi over Mario, I totally approve of the casting choice.  He has a certain attitude with his hotness that kills me.  It warrants its own name.  How about: Hottitude?  Can I make that a thing?  I should start test-driving it at work and see if I can make it happen where I couldn’t succeed with “Fetch“.

At any rate, ENJOY!!!

Sorted Mario Bros


I have been meaning to write up a blog entry about what is literally my FAVORITE YouTube channel and I’m saddened by the mere fact that it took roughly 3 weeks of my blog’s existence before I did.  Talk about procrastination!

Interestingly enough, the day I decide to finally put up a Foodie Post (being that I am a self-described renegade-foodie) the boys from Sorted Food went and incorporated the Super Mario Bros into one of their recipes?


As delicious as I’m sure that was, I don’t think I’l be trying it any time soon as it just looks like one big carb-bomb.  I felt my insides puff up just watching them take a bite out of that… that… whatever THAT was.

I really enjoy every last recipe that Sorted pumps out because the guys create these amazing and mouth-watering dishes that I would expect to be churned out in restaurants, and present it to you in the most simple-to-follow and basic format possible.  Anyone can be an arguably good chef with the tips and tricks they bring to you.  For someone like me who already fantasizes about one day winning MasterChef, it’s like having your cake and eating it too.. which BTW, they make great cake recipes too…. in a freaking MUG of all things!

Mike, Jamie, Ben & Barry (from left to right, up top) make the interwebs a little brighter, every time they upload a new video.  I highly recommended checking them out and subscribing to all their social-media venues.  They’re also pretty easy on the eyes, but that’s another blog entry that needs to happen.

Before I go off on some random tangent about handsome chefs, I’m going to just finish off with sharing my FAVORITE dish I’ve ever learned from them.  I cook this (or a version of it) at least once a week because it’s such a time saver for someone with my schedule: Chicken Fricassee…

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