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Fantastic Beasts Teaser


The teaser for the Harry Potter Prequel, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” has come into our lives and I am so tickled pink, it’s scary!


Bad Potter


Oh no… NO!  We were wrong this whole time… HARRY was the villain! Dun Dun DUNNNNN!!!!

Blood Blitz Comedy gives us an in-depth look at the “true” Dark Lord of the magical world.  The editing on these iconic films is so good, I almost believed it!

Harry Potter and the Headmaster’s Wand


Snitch, That’s my Hermione!


Because the universal balance has to be restored, the YouTube gods have given us a Harry Potter and Ron Weasley that us gay boys can lust after.  Enter: Adrian Anchondo‘s parody to Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have my Money“.  Is it possible I like the original song infinitely more now that I have the image of these two boys in my head? Hmmm, let me look at the picture below before answering:


I would have to say “YES“.  In the truly magically epic throwdown between who I’m calling Hottie Potter and Rawr Weasley, we’re treated to images like this:


and also this:


and **spoiler alert**, Hermione gets tired of the Hogwart’s Hunk’s hijinx and brings out their gay side with a simple flick of her wand and (what I can only assume is) her chanting: Homo Revelio!


I think there were some hot chicks in there twerking too but I’m a little too spellbound by the boys.   ENJOY!

You know what? Just one more very necessary screenshot:


Ok, I feel better.

Hello Neville

I long for his bottom. ** giggle **

Albus Dumbledrag


Superhero Soccer


This may very well be the most epic game of soccer EVER played!  A team assembled by Ronnie Street Stunts put together this EPIC Soccer Duel with some of my most cherished childhood (and adulthood) Super Powered Heroes and Villains.  It’s such an amazing treat to take in that I’m more than ok ignoring the baggy costumes and blonde Wonder Woman.  Heck, even a Jedi got involved.


BTW?  Ken with short hair?  Cute with a capital Q!  Enjoy!