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Meep Meep


Art by Alan Davis

Superhero Fight Club


The Superhero YouTube goodness just keeps coming!  I only wish this CW Fight Club went much much longer.  I could have watched it for days!

Funko Serves CW


I? AM! LIVING for these newly developed Funko Pop Figures!  Cute never looked so dangerous with the possible exception of Jigglypuff and that damned song of his.  Do NOT fall asleep at a Jigglypuff concert.  He will cut a bitch.

Poke-tangent aside, I may need to break my initial ruling of only collecting World of Warcraft inspired Funko Pop merchandise and graduate to these.  Given my background, it seems weird that I wouldn’t be collecting their Superhero Figures from day one but it’s purely a question of economy.  There may be literally hundreds of Marvel, DC, etc heroes and villains that could be immortalized as these compact cuties, but I have only one bank account; a tiny, rapidly deteriorating, nearly-broke, bank account.

For those of you that would like to contribute to the cause of resuscitating my checking account, please send me copious amounts of money.  Together, we can work towards bringing my funds out of extinction.


… no?  No takers?  Really?

Flash Forward


I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never really been a fan of The Flash.  Not so much in a “Ewww, get him away from me” way as much as a “Oh right, there’s a speedster in the Justice League” kind of a way.  His character and all others like him in ANY comic universe has always been peripheral at best, in my humble opinion.  Yet here I am, plopped in front of my TV every week just yearning for the next episode of CW’s The Flash.  Personally, I blame Grant Gustin who gets to play the flash, because of his incessantly cute deliveries with every line; not to mention that I kind of crushed on him a little during his run on Glee as Sebastian Smythe.  Don’t even get me started on that beautiful singing voice of his.

But I digress. Continue reading

Magic Justice League