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Hello Avengers


These Hello Kitty / Avengers mash-ups have been making the rounds on the interwebs and I JUST HAD to post some of my favorites.

kittycap kittythor

kittyfalcon kittyhawk

Personally, I think Falcon looks the coolest.  IDK about you but if I saw a buffed out pink Avenger flying towards me to exact justice, I’d be wetting my pants a little bit.  I’d also be a little excited and let him do whatever he wants with me but that’s a whole different blog post that needs to happen.

But I digress.  More pics can be found HERE.

Incidentally, there was a whole uproar over the recent discovery that Hello Kitty is in fact NOT A KITTY!  Talk about the biggest Sanrio Surprise ever!  My childhood is officially ruined!

Captain America’s Successor


Hot on the heels of announcing Thor’s sex change, Marvel reveals that another iconic character will get a “re-mix” as well.  Ladies, Gentlemen, Bois & Gurls, the mantle of Captain America will  now be taken up by former Falcon, Sam Wilson.


THIS?  I can get behind.  From my understanding (as someone who doesn’t read the Avenger’s books), Steve Rogers suffered being aged dramatically in their most recent battle and can no longer hold the mantle of Captain America.  His long time bestie, Sam Wilson (aka The Falcon) steps up to the plate and dons the Red, White & Blue.  The really kind of cool thing about all this is that Sam incorporates his “Falcon Wings” into the classic suit.  I don’t know about you, but if I were a bad guy and I had a flying Cap throw that indestructible shield from way up high?  I’d be shitting my pants real good.  Death from Above, Party of One?

Steve Rogers is sticking around though to play as mentor to Sam Wilson in his new role and advise from the safety of Avenger’s Headquarters wearing a snuggie and eating soft foods.  We’re talking some Bruce Wayne/Terry McGinnis action here.  Batman Beyond, anyone?


I might just have to pick up some of these comics and follow this one as it develops.  I just LIVE for these kind of “mentoring the noobie” storylines.

Full Story HERE courtesy of Marvel Comics