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How to Draw Mickey Mouse


Seattle Freeze


For better or for worse, Seattle is now the place I call home.  So far, I love the city I live in and its surrounding areas.  There’s a great deal to do, so much culture to absorb and (despite the misgivings of my former LA neighbors), I really like the weather.  It’s not raining yet and there’s just enough of a chill in the air to warrant cuddly blankets while eating New England clam chowder in a bread bowl.  There is however, one particular “meteorological” phenomena that I was NOT prepared for: The Seattle Freeze.  To paraphrase from Wikipedia:

The Seattle Freeze refers to a belief that it is especially difficult to make new friends (particularly for immigrants from other cities) in the city of Seattle, Washington. Newcomers to the area have described Seattleites as being standoffish, cold, distant, and not trusting.

The first time one of my friends had mentioned The Seattle Freeze to me, I thought they were referring to how cold it would get around here.  I brushed it off immediately, as I was looking forward to different seasons and the cold air.  I just am SO not a fan of unnecessarily hot climates like I’m used to experiencing in Los Angeles.  There would be days you could find me taking multiple ice-cold showers just to keep from sweating like a prostitute in church.  I mean it was bad.  This guy knows what’s up:


Coming from Los Angeles, my personality can be very “in-your-face“.  It’s big and loud and doesn’t mind climbing right up inside your personal bubble and asking if it can crash on your metaphysical couch for a few days.  Fact is, most people in LA are kinda like that.  It’s not seen as a bad thing though.  SoCal in general is just one big melting pot of people and everyone likes knowing everyone else, even if for the sole purpose of adding new Facebook and Instagram friends to your social media feeds.  I was kinda thinking that having such a friendly and bubbly disposition would work to my advantage in meeting new people despite this cautionary tale I was sent to armor myself against the culture shock I would experience.  I probably should’ve paid attention.  Without going into too many details, let’s just say I’ve come across more than a handful of individuals I would normally classify as: snooty

… I actually had more colorful adjectives to describe these people, but in the interest of maintaining my self-inflicted PG-13 rating for my blog, I’ll stick with snooty….

Regardless of the setbacks in meeting people I’ve come across, I refuse to be deterred.  This is my home now and that means Seattleites are just going to get used to me.  In fact, given the growth the Emerald City has been experiencing with big companies like Microsoft, Amazon, etc bringing in major players from all across the globe to work in their office, people are just gonna have to find a way to get along.


Home Sweet Home


Well I’ve FINALLY gotten 90% moved-in to my new home in Bellevue, WA; which is just 15 minutes east of Seattle.  We had toyed around with the idea of living right in Seattle, specifically the Capitol Hill District.  Apparently this is the gay area of Seattle and also comes with the added bonus of being super close to my hubby’s job, so he could walk to work.  In the end we decided not be THAT close to such a heavily trafficked area.  We’ve also come to find out that Bellevue is known to be an affluent area, from both locals and just general consensus with people we’ve met.  Who knew?  I feel so fancy.

Anyway, I finally got my computer unpacked and am ready to blog again!  I could probably catch up on stories I’ve missed, but let’s just pretend I fell asleep for 10 days and my Prince Charming totally forgot to make out with me and only NOW woke me from my restful slumber.  Sidebar, can I please have Prince Eric as my guy?  Why?  Because reasons.

Prince Eric

Art by David Kawena

Genderbent Disney Dudes


There are few things I love more than when an artist offers their genderbent take on iconic characters.  Deviant Art member, Maby-Chan gives us an awesome collection of Disney women as men.

I saved the best for last.  I love how mysterious and broody, Jasmine looks.  Check that smolder.  It looks right through to your soul.  WOOF!


Check out more of Maby-Chan’s work on her official Deviant Art page.

Taco Belle

Taco Belle



Comic-Con Musical


Nerdist brings us a musically, opulent, splendiforous (is that even a word?) look at Comic-Con, set to the tunes of Disney’s Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Since I’ve never been to Comic-Con, I refuse to believe it’s as much fun as this chick with the gorgeous voice is making it seem to be…. sigh…


Elsa Cake Fail

Elsa Cake

3 yr old girl’s Lesson in Racism

My heart aches when I learn of stories like this.  Samara Muir, a 3 year old aboriginal girl, regretfully got her first taste of racism when attending a Disney themed event with her mom.  The adorable angel below was waiting in line with her mom, when another woman in line turned to her daughters and uttered:

“I don’t know why that girls’ getting excited for.  Anna and Elsa aren’t black.”

Adding insult to injury, one of the daughters turned to Samara to say:

“Black’s ugly and you’re black”


There are no words to describe the level of contempt I have for the bigoted witch that not only has the audacity to spew such hateful rhetoric in front of a 3 year old, but then perpetuates her closed-minded views to her own children.  She should be ashamed of herself.  I doubt she is.  These type of self-righteous ignoramuses rarely ever evolve past the bull they tell themselves.

This particular story hit SO close to home because I know what it’s like growing up without any ethnically-diverse heroes or role models.  Though born in the Philippines, my upbringing was in the United States where every last bit of media, whether on TV, movies or print, showed me Caucasian men and women accomplishing great things.  Without anyone telling me otherwise, the idea that “you had to be white to succeed”, sunk its claws deep in my developing psyche.

This terrible mindset followed me from childhood and straight into my adolescence; a time when the internet (and specifically AOL) exploded and now I had infinite knowledge at my finger tips.  I was bound and determined to be white.  After a bit of web-surfing and saving up on my allowance, I even had a plan!  I discovered a product called Porcelana, which promised lighter skin with enough use.  I bought peroxide and other harsh hair dyes to try and make my hair blonde.  I even researched doctors who could perform the cosmetic surgery to make my eyes look rounder.  All this effort because society had “taught” me, my skin and features were “wrong“.

Spoiler Alert: none of it worked.  I just looked like a Filipino guy with blotchy skin and orange hair who kept opening his eyes too damned wide because I couldn’t save enough money for the plastic surgery.  That and my mom lost her mind when I told her what I wanted.


I have a wonderful 3 year old niece who adores the Disney Princesses!  Me being the Disney-fiend I am (not to mention the fact that I was a dancer for the House of Mouse for 7 years), LOVES playing Disney Princesses with her.  I remember a recent time we were playing and all the princesses she collected so far were all exclusively white.  I asked her if she had a Princess Jasmine, Pocahontas or even Mulan.  The little thing had NO IDEA what I was talking about.  I pulled out my iPhone and showed her videos on YouTube of all the ethnic princesses I felt she was missing out on and her next words almost brought me to tears:

“They look like me!  Princesses can be brown?”

UGH!!! I died!  I freakin DIED hearing this come from her.  So much innocence, already tainted!  I was almost in tears but I held them back because I didn’t want her to see how upset I was.  I just looked at her with a smile and told her:

“Anyone can be a Princess.  The only thing you have to be is special; which you are.”


After that, I promised her we’d watch Mulan, Pocahontas, Aladdin and heck even Lilo & Stitch, just so she can see women of color in her favorite cartoons.  I refuse to live in a world where my niece and others like her, grow up thinking any one race or creed is better or more deserving than another.

No one is born with hatred; that’s learned and it’s a lesson my niece should never have to experience.