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Poor Ant-Man


Funny stuff by Lunar Baboon!

Captain Gaymerica?


Dogs of the Marvel Universe


Because there has GOT to be a parallel universe where this MUST exist, gifted illustrator and art director, Josh Lynch, brings to life some high-profile Marvel heroes and villains in the form of dogs!  These canine comic book characters hit all the right notes and make you just want to bring them home to poop on your carpet, tear through your home and potentially either save or ruin the day.

If I had to levy any criticism on these fantastic pieces, it’s that it’s one big sausage-fest.  Where’s Phoenix?  Where’s Rogue?  WHERE’S STORM?!?!?

Captains of America


I have no idea what is going on here but I definitely want to be a part of it.



Avengers: Age of Ultron – 90’s Video Game


WHY is this is not a thing?  I would seriously play the S#!T out of this game!  These guys seriously need to get a team of video game coders together, start a kickstarter and make this come to pass.  So it is written (on my blog, damnit), so it shall be done!

RDJ is Made of AWESOME

Hilarious tweet by Iron Man himself.  What I wouldn’t do to be in the middle of that group of Marvel Heroes!

Happy ‘Murica Day


How Age of Ultron Should Have Ended


If you’ve not had the chance to watch any (if not all) of the “How It Should Have Ended” videos on YouTube, you’re missing out!  Get thee to their channel, immediately!  You shall feel all the better for it.  And if you don’t?  Well…. you have no soul.  #SorryNotSorry

Moving right along, these geniuses who clearly do God’s work, have made a 2 part episode outlining this summer’s largest blockbuster: Avenger’s, Age of Ultron and it is FANTASTIC!  Consider this your pseudo-spoiler warning for anybody who’s not seen it yet, since it kinda gives away the end plot points.  By the way, if you haven’t seen it?  Well… you have no soul, too.  #SorryNotSorry

For the rest of you?  ENJOY!

Avengers Assembled!