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Justice League VS Teen Titans

Teen Titans.jpg

In case it isn’t plainly obvious by the subject matter of 99.9% of my posts, I feed the needs of my inner child on a daily basis.  The trailer announcing the upcoming Justice League VS Teen Titans movie, is akin to sitting down at an all-you-can-eat buffet.  It didn’t just blow my mind, but the noggin holding it together.  I’m especially pumped at the fact that the story line revolves around Raven and Trigun.  I’ve always LOVED all that ish.  I’ll be over here fangirl’ing till it arrives.  Until then:

The Doctor is IN!


Benedict Cumberbatch makes his debut as Dr. Strange on Entertainment Weekly‘s cover.  Ummmm… SHWING!!!

Fantastic Beasts Teaser


The teaser for the Harry Potter Prequel, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” has come into our lives and I am so tickled pink, it’s scary!


Furious over Star Trek


The trailer for Star Trek Beyond just came out and I hadn’t realized that a director of the asininely and inexplicably  multi-sequeled Fast & Furious franchise had directed it.  And you know what?  Regretfully, it shows.

Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be as successful a story as when Brett Ratner did X3 in place of Bryan Singer?  I mean come on!  Seriously, what is up with that music?   Even Spock looks disturbed.  SMH.


X-Men Apocalypse : Trailer


I can’t breath!  Oh my Stars and Garters, I CAN’T breath!  It’s here; the trailer for X-Men Apocalypse!

I won’t even bore you with text.  Just watch and let the invariable goosebumps overwhelm you!


Zoolander 2 Trailer


The official trailer for Zoolander 2 (or as Derek would call it: Two-Lander) has dropped and I have just as officially, lost my damned mind!  Words cannot describe the sheer unbridled joy I am experiencing and I feel that only a Xanax would calm me the f*ck down.

Since words escape me, allow me to present 3 necessary images, starting with the eternally (albeit awkwardly) funny, Kristen Wiig and her… well.. WIG:


Followed by Will Ferrel as a musclebound Mugatu:


And the pièce de ré·sis·tance, Benedict Cumberbatch… with no eyebrows:


Somewhere, Whoopi Goldberg is screaming: “Bitch, STOLE my look!”

This movie canNOT get here fast enough!

Michael Fassbender in Assassin’s Creed


Yahoo Movies just released the first image of Hottie McTottie Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie.  ERMAHGERD, he looks great!  Full story HERE.


Deadpool : Official Trailer


O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!  I chortle in my joy!  The official trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Deadpool move is here!  And I mean the REAL trailer; not the trailer for the trailer that came out yesterday…. although, that was pretty hilarious… I’m talkin’ like for realsies, yo.


Can we also briefly take a moment to note the apparent cameo by the X-Men’s resident organic-steel powerhouse, Colossus?!?  I love how they did him this time.  His previous incarnations have always been a tad too shiny for my taste.  They were also missing the segmented plating look that the Deadpool team have just nailed!  Like… with a big effing hammer!


At any rate, I feel the need to stop fangirling all over this post and just let the trailer speak for itself.  Sidebar though?  Did we notice the cross-comic-universe dig at Ryan’s foray into the DC Universe as Green Lantern?  We’re talking serious metaphysical side-eye here.  ENJOY!

Zoolander 2 Teaser


What is this?  A trailer for ANTS?!?!?

Yes!  Yes!!  YAAAAAAAAAASSSS!!!  Ben Stiller is back as the one and only Derek Zoolander!  The teaser trailer alone has me searching for advanced screening tickets!  I just DIED!!!

EW: X-Men Apocalypse


Oh gawd… oh no… Apocalypse???  Why does he look so?  Umm… so THAT?!?

Entertainment Weekly recently shared some exclusive pictures to the much anticipated, X-Men Apocalypse movie, due out in 2016.  Some of the set images gave me chills and then others, I just shudder.  I really and truly do NOT get why it is that the great and powerful En Sabah Nur looks like Ivan-freakin-Ooze from the Power Ranger’s Movie!  There is nothing even remotely threatening about him with the possible exception of that multi-layered, purple, cheerleader skirt he’s trying to make happen.  It’s not gonna happen.  Stop trying to make that happen.


I’m slightly on board with Pyslocke’s outfit and I appreciate that they clearly patterned it after her most iconic costume; but even that is bordering on a little too much with all the peek-a-boo fleshy parts under her midnight blue ninja garb.


Storm, I can’t see too well.  She’s a little too purple and silver for my taste, but since I can’t see the front, I’m reserving judgement.  Kudos for the mohawk though.  We like that.  We like it bunches and bunches.


And Michael Fassbender just looks extra delicious all sweaty and perturbed like that.

If you want to see all the sneak peek pics, visit Entertainment Weekly.