Lazy = Energy Saving Mode


Today, I am being Super Lazy.  If you’re not familiar with the expression, it means I’m wearing a cape whilst indulging my inescapable need to do as little as humanly possible.  I am literally the epitome of the basement dwelling, gamer stereotype; not unlike Southpark’s infamous World of Warcraft fat ass, above.

I’m giving myself a little bit of a break though.  We DID just move up north and spent 10 days without any of our furniture or (most importantly) my computer.  As a self-proclaimed gaymer-geek, I needed at least my computer so I could game, surf the web, etc.  It may sound like nothing to spend over a week without any of your normal indulgences but trust me when I say, it’s truly a bit of an endurance test.  That being said, rather than fight my body’s natural urge to vegetate today, I’m embracing the lethargy and going all in!  If I don’t come back tomorrow, send help!

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