Home Sweet Home


Well I’ve FINALLY gotten 90% moved-in to my new home in Bellevue, WA; which is just 15 minutes east of Seattle.  We had toyed around with the idea of living right in Seattle, specifically the Capitol Hill District.  Apparently this is the gay area of Seattle and also comes with the added bonus of being super close to my hubby’s job, so he could walk to work.  In the end we decided not be THAT close to such a heavily trafficked area.  We’ve also come to find out that Bellevue is known to be an affluent area, from both locals and just general consensus with people we’ve met.  Who knew?  I feel so fancy.

Anyway, I finally got my computer unpacked and am ready to blog again!  I could probably catch up on stories I’ve missed, but let’s just pretend I fell asleep for 10 days and my Prince Charming totally forgot to make out with me and only NOW woke me from my restful slumber.  Sidebar, can I please have Prince Eric as my guy?  Why?  Because reasons.

Prince Eric

Art by David Kawena

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