World of Warcraft: Legion


I may seriously need to re-think my having quit World of Warcraft…. ok, I’m done thinking about it. I’m coming back.  I’m coming the f*ck back!  At the recent Gamescom held at a place in Germany named after a synonym for men’s fragrance apparently, Blizzard announced and revealed the next expansion to their cash cow, World of Warcraft: LEGION!  The acronym, “OMG“, doesn’t seem appropriately dramatic enough to quantify what a big old gamer chubby this gave me.  Before I lose my sh!t, check out the announcement trailer:

Right? RIGHT?  How psyched are you (he asked whilst assuming his viewer even plays and/or KNOWS about World of Warcraft)?  It’s like the programmers, artists and designers are getting to take a real 2nd crack at giving us everything we already loved about the Burning Crusade, with interest.   I’m not entirely sure what I’m more pumped about; the fact that we’ll have the opportunity to wield what is being referred to as Artifacts Weapons like Ashbringer or Frostmourne or the brand spank-me new Hero Class of Demon Hunter!  I mean come on!  Does this expansion also come with an attachment to help you fap while gaming?  Cuz that would probably take it over the top… no?  Not a good idea?  Oh well.


I would say my only real MEH moment, would be that while Artifact Weapons like Ashbringer and Doomhammer, start out looking exactly like you remember them, Frostmourne is reconstituted as 2 1-handed weapons that are more just inspired by Frostmourne, rather than looking exactly like the real thing.  Additionally, it also effectively sort of forces Death Knights like myself, to dual-wield in the Frost Spec.  Apparently, they’re looking to make Unholy viable as dual-wield spec as well, so  there’s that.  There’s also a 2-handed artifact weapon for Death Knights, but it’snot pattern after Frostmourne at all.  That being said, the blades look awesome!


This expansion couldn’t have come at a better time for all involved; especially given Blizzard’s recent ridiculous dip in subscribers over the last quarter.  This isn’t just the standard up-and-down trend World of Warcraft cycles through.  We’re talking a wholesale exodus of formally dedicated WoW-heads like yours truly.  I’m not entirely sure if Warlords of Draenor didn’t deliver (especially given the fall out from Mists of Pandaria) or people are just moving on.  In either event, I’m sure this announcement tipped the scales favorably for Blizzard.  I’ll be on pins, needles and assorted shrapnel until this expansion launches!  Fingers crossed that there’s a playable demo at BlizzCon this year when I attend.

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