Deadpool : Official Trailer


O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!  I chortle in my joy!  The official trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Deadpool move is here!  And I mean the REAL trailer; not the trailer for the trailer that came out yesterday…. although, that was pretty hilarious… I’m talkin’ like for realsies, yo.


Can we also briefly take a moment to note the apparent cameo by the X-Men’s resident organic-steel powerhouse, Colossus?!?  I love how they did him this time.  His previous incarnations have always been a tad too shiny for my taste.  They were also missing the segmented plating look that the Deadpool team have just nailed!  Like… with a big effing hammer!


At any rate, I feel the need to stop fangirling all over this post and just let the trailer speak for itself.  Sidebar though?  Did we notice the cross-comic-universe dig at Ryan’s foray into the DC Universe as Green Lantern?  We’re talking serious metaphysical side-eye here.  ENJOY!

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