Felicia Day might be God


I feel the need to point out that I’m re-hashing some random thought/soapbox’ish rant I had a while ago, as a blog entry.  Why?  Because this is my damned blog and I feel super entitled to (as Cartman would say) do what I want.

That being said, I’m thoroughly convinced that I’m addicted to Felicia Day and all that she stands for. I’m not entirely sure what it may be that she DOES stand for but whatever it is, consider me subscribed. I’ve also surrendered to the fact that I would totally be into her if I were not heterosexually-challenged…. gay, in laymen’s terms. I mean, she’s totally geeky, cute as a button, looks good in a pair of glasses AND she’s a redhead. Granted, I’ve never had the opportunity to date and/or ogle after a red-headed guy in real life; and given that I’m married now, dating one would probably be considered counter-productive to the whole monogamy thing.  But I keep putting my red-headed-hotties vibe out there for the universe to latch on to for the sole purpose of at least being graced with their fiery presence. Heck, let’s take a quick break to appreciate the HAWTness of Seth Fornea:


Wasn’t that fun? But I digress.

So Felicia has been doing these video blogs thru the Geek & Sundry channel on YouTube that she’s affectionately dubbed a FLOG. Couldn’t get more epic than that. I would do the same, except I don’t think I could pronounce XLOG out loud. It doesn’t even look nice to read. Whereas FLOG comes off calming, peaceful, tranquil and friendly.

Episode 4 of her FLOG is one of my personal favorites. There are SOOO many reasons I could go into why, but I really only have 30 minutes left before I have to get into my boring 9-5 so I can’t go into it. BUT! I do have time to mention the best part of this particular FLOG was that she played the violin while her friend Tom Lenk played the piano to an original score compose by Mr. Lenk entitled “Ode to Carrie Fisher”. And HELLO, if THAT wasn’t enough, did anyone not realize that Tom Lenk is Andrew from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?… and like 2 episodes on Angel. So you have the former would-be slayer, Felicia with former would-be watcher, Tom playing a song for Star Wars!!!


HOW you’re not needing to wipe up after yourself with a moist towelette is beyond me.

At any rate, I’m done talking about this. There’s too much excitement going on. I feel if I type any more, I may dent my keyboard. And I don’t want to do that. It was expensive.

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