Paula Abdul & James Corden remake Opposites Attract


It’s like I’m back in Jr High School again!  James Corden, host of the Late Late Show, teamed up with none other than the incomparable Paula Abdul, to re-make what is arguably her most iconic Music Video: Opposites Attract.  Paula looks as FIERCE as the first time I saw her in the music video and James is adorkable as all get out.  You just wanna snuggle him!


I cannot stop watching this!  Like over and over and OVER again.  When CD’s first started coming out and destroying audio cassette tapes (wow, I’m old), hers was one of the first two that I bought; the second being Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation album.


Two thumbs way, WAY up for this Dynamic Duo and their RIDIK performance.  Please do another.  OMG, seriously, PLEASE do another!  DO COLD-HEARTED SNAKE!  DO IT!!!


Ok, I’ve calmed down now.  Enjoy!

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