EW: X-Men Apocalypse


Oh gawd… oh no… Apocalypse???  Why does he look so?  Umm… so THAT?!?

Entertainment Weekly recently shared some exclusive pictures to the much anticipated, X-Men Apocalypse movie, due out in 2016.  Some of the set images gave me chills and then others, I just shudder.  I really and truly do NOT get why it is that the great and powerful En Sabah Nur looks like Ivan-freakin-Ooze from the Power Ranger’s Movie!  There is nothing even remotely threatening about him with the possible exception of that multi-layered, purple, cheerleader skirt he’s trying to make happen.  It’s not gonna happen.  Stop trying to make that happen.


I’m slightly on board with Pyslocke’s outfit and I appreciate that they clearly patterned it after her most iconic costume; but even that is bordering on a little too much with all the peek-a-boo fleshy parts under her midnight blue ninja garb.


Storm, I can’t see too well.  She’s a little too purple and silver for my taste, but since I can’t see the front, I’m reserving judgement.  Kudos for the mohawk though.  We like that.  We like it bunches and bunches.


And Michael Fassbender just looks extra delicious all sweaty and perturbed like that.

If you want to see all the sneak peek pics, visit Entertainment Weekly.

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