Warcraft Movie at Comic-Con


Comic-Con is killing me.  Despite my self-proclaimed geek status, I’ve never been to one.  I’ve just had the pleasure of watching all my social-media feeds EXPLODE with yummy tidbits of nerdy goodness.  The one convention I almost never miss however, is BlizzCon.  Imagine my unfettered GLEE when today, the newest promo pieces for the World of Warcraft movie, were unveiled at Comic-Con!

Killin me!  Just KILLIN ME!  It makes me almost regret the self-imposed break I’m taking from Azeroth and my Silent but Deadly Death Knight, Xerberus.  **giggle**  If ever there was something that would pull Xerberus out of exile, it would be the excitement I’m feeling right now.

And can I just take a moment to drool over the sexiest Orc like EVER?

Soon, Xerberus.  Soon…

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