Snitch, That’s my Hermione!


Because the universal balance has to be restored, the YouTube gods have given us a Harry Potter and Ron Weasley that us gay boys can lust after.  Enter: Adrian Anchondo‘s parody to Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have my Money“.  Is it possible I like the original song infinitely more now that I have the image of these two boys in my head? Hmmm, let me look at the picture below before answering:


I would have to say “YES“.  In the truly magically epic throwdown between who I’m calling Hottie Potter and Rawr Weasley, we’re treated to images like this:


and also this:


and **spoiler alert**, Hermione gets tired of the Hogwart’s Hunk’s hijinx and brings out their gay side with a simple flick of her wand and (what I can only assume is) her chanting: Homo Revelio!


I think there were some hot chicks in there twerking too but I’m a little too spellbound by the boys.   ENJOY!

You know what? Just one more very necessary screenshot:


Ok, I feel better.

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