Supper VS Stomach


You know.. I’ve only had maybe 2 cases of food poisoning in my life but they were such brief and generally only mildly unpleasant experiences, that I can barely remember which places did it to me…. oh yeah, it was the creamed spinach at Boston Market and bad avocado at Subway.  Wow, I guess that wasn’t so hard.  So proud of me!

But yesterday?  Yesterday was so terribad that I was nearly in tears from the pain.

My husband and I decided to have our anniversary dinner at the very place where I was going to ask him to be my boyfriend back when were still dating; Tantalum.  Cute, right?  Yeah, I thought so too.  Can we say “score some brownie points“?  For appetizers we had fried brie and a half dozen oysters (1st red flag) and for dinner, I had the seared yellow fin tuna over cilantro rice (2nd red flag).  I’ve actually had that meal several times before and it’s my absolute favorite when I go to this restaurant.  This time, though?  It tasted different.  Heck, it even looked different.


Usually, it’s had a nice crusted sear on the outside and the inside has a healthy dark magenta hue to it, which most yellow fin tuna should have I think.  Additionally, when I’ve bit into it before, the tuna offered very little resistance and it was just moist and full of flavor.  This time however, it had a an almost dark brown or maroon color and the texture seemed real off to me.  I didn’t think much on it though because even though it tasted and felt differently than my previous experiences, it was still a good tasting dish.  It was my anniversary; I didn’t want to ruin the evening with my standard paranoia.

This time, I think I should’ve paid attention.

On the UBER ride home, I noticed I was starting to sweat and my heartbeat got really irregular.  I also had the most difficult time breathing much less sitting upright.  It wasn’t long after we got home that I found myself racing to the bathroom repeatedly to praise the porcelain gods.  Without getting too graphic, let’s just say I recognized what came back up.  I spent the rest of the night on my bathroom floor with a bottled water in one hand and towel in the other… you know… for clean up.


I need to learn to trust my own culinary instincts.  I’ve eaten at enough places, literally all over the nation, to know better than to not listen to what my palate is telling me.  It’s a shame because this was one of my favorite restaurants.  Not to say that I wouldn’t go back, but I think I’d think twice about it from now on.

Also?  That tuna is officially stricken from my list of dishes.  #ByeFishyFelicia

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