EVIL Plane Crash Prank Pulled on Paris Hilton

Can I just quickly say that I wrestled with posting about this bit of news?  Like, it kept me up at night not just because I wasn’t sure how I would pull through it, but because my heart SANK at hearing about it.

In case you missed it, Egyptian television show “Ramez in Control” pulled the most inhuman and altogether despicable “prank” on celebutante, Paris Hilton.  In the episode, Paris is taken on an aerial tour of Dubai, where she was making a promotional appearance for the opening of a new hotel.  Reports indicate that the TV crew convinced the pilot to pretend to shut down the engines in her plane and then nose drive straight into the ground including pulling a few flips and turns in order to convince the heiress that they were all plummeting to their deaths!


I am not even a fan of the girl or the sociopathic levels of obsession the paparazzi and basic b!tches have with people like her and Kim Kardashian; but this?  This is just plain evil.  Why the serious f*ck would you d this to someone?  I couldn’t even sit through the video enough to grab proper screenshots of the event.  The sheer look of panic and terror on her face, kills me.  I have a horrific fear of flying myself and if I had been placed in a situation where that fear was (for all intents and purposes) realized, I would just come undone.  Everyone else on the plane knew it was a joke, but Paris?  Paris was clearly in mortal fear for her very existence, for the 3-5 minutes or however long the plane was in a nosedive.  I mean, come on!  She’s screaming for her life!


I for one, hope Paris sues the soulless individuals who were responsible for orchestrating this stunt and makes them pay dearly for this.  No one deserves what they put her through.  This is not an experience you just walk away from.  I can only assume she is scarred for life and will be hesitant to board any planes in the near future.

The full 15 minute or so video is systematically being pulled from internet sites everywhere, so if you can and/or want to stomach watching the terrifying ordeal, I’d do so while you can find it.  I’m sure the link I posted below, will disappear eventually.

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