Let Me Touch Your Butt


IMGur is such a beautiful thing.  I believe it powers 90% of the memes and photos on Reddit posts that go viral and insert themselves into our waking lives.  It’s especially beautiful when you get an IMGur user like Sportszacharyh, who presents the impregnable science behind “Why you Should Let me Touch Your Butt“; a science that I’ve commandeered for the sole purpose of illustrating why YouTube hottie and owner of the BEST ass in existence, Bryan Hawn, needs to let me touch his butt.

See?  Wasn’t that just a mind-blowing injection of science and knowledge? I think you can all agree we’re all the better for it.  In the interest of illustrating my point further (not to mention seeing Bryan Hawn’s redonkulous ass in motion), here’s his NSFW video showing off said ASSets, to Jennifer Lopez’s song, Booty…. you’re welcome:

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