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I Dooo, Ken!


Batman <3 Superman


Let Me Touch Your Butt


IMGur is such a beautiful thing.  I believe it powers 90% of the memes and photos on Reddit posts that go viral and insert themselves into our waking lives.  It’s especially beautiful when you get an IMGur user like Sportszacharyh, who presents the impregnable science behind “Why you Should Let me Touch Your Butt“; a science that I’ve commandeered for the sole purpose of illustrating why YouTube hottie and owner of the BEST ass in existence, Bryan Hawn, needs to let me touch his butt.

See?  Wasn’t that just a mind-blowing injection of science and knowledge? I think you can all agree we’re all the better for it.  In the interest of illustrating my point further (not to mention seeing Bryan Hawn’s redonkulous ass in motion), here’s his NSFW video showing off said ASSets, to Jennifer Lopez’s song, Booty…. you’re welcome:

Avengers Assembled!


Clever Girl


Avengers of Oz : Age of Tinman


NO!  Not my favorite!  YouTube’er Darren Wallace, takes us into a dark and gritty Oz where our Yellow-Brick-Road-Walking foursome, find themselves at odds with one of their own in Avengers of Oz: Age of Tinman.


I just knew he’d snap one day.  I mean come on!  He doesn’t have a heart, FFS!  How long did you all think he could go without one before snapping?  And I don’t mean snap like a queen as he calls you a bargain basement basic bitch.  I mean like, Jack Nicholson snapping as he announces “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE’S JOHNNY!”

Incidentally, I’ve never been more attracted to the Cowardly Lion and can we talk about the sheer FIERCENESS of the Wicked Scarlet Witch of the West?!?  Yaaaaaaaaaaaasss, mama!  WERK!

Marriage Equality for ALL


We did it!  We did it!  WE FUCKING DID IT!!  I am so overwhelmed with emotion, I can’t event write!

In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court has just ruled in favor of Marriage Equality!


LOW by Todrick Hall


I can never really get enough of Todrick Hall‘s videos.  This one is givin you a lil bit of hip-hop, with a dash of ridic pop vocals all wrapped up with a big effing Emerald-City-Green bow.  Extra brownie points for working in some HAWT go-go boys; including (if I’m not mistaken) one of my personal favorites, Jacob Hoxsey.  I mean, come on!  WOOF!

Lexus Unveils their Hoverboard


Let me take you back to the year 1989; I was entering my pubescent teen years and my hormone-addled brain was desperately trying to cling onto any vestige of sanity in my closeted (albeit geeky) existence.  Comic books took the edge off, as I would allow myself to be taken to a place where super powers (and most especially the ability to fly) existed.  No matter how bad my days were, I’d curl up in my bed with 2-3 comic books in tow, hoping that if I read them right before I slept, I’d get to dream of flying!  Enter: Back to the Future II and the advent of the (make-believe) hoverboard!  ERMAHGERD, Marty McFly could kinda…. well… FLY!!!  In a stroke of genius by Lexus’ marketing team, they’ve just unveiled a real, honest-to-goodness, HOVERBOARD!  And for those of us paying attention, the year that Marty and Doc traveled to the future, was 2015.  I?  JUST?  DIED!!!

Lexus is referring to this miraculous breakthrough as SLIDE and personally, I will be glued to every last social media feed known to man, as this phenomenal stroke of genius develops.  For now, it seems that the SLIDE can only hover a few inches off the ground and only in a “controlled environment” (whatever that means), but hey; we all gotta start somewhere, right?  The SLIDE’s levitation is reported to be powered by liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and permanent magnets to achieve friction-less movement.  Guess this means Lexus didn’t have to go Doc Brown’s route and hijack some plutonium.  Not to mention the fact that I’m not so keen on the idea of using a hoverboard powered by a nuclear reaction generating 1.21 gigawatts of electricity…. See?  I pay attention!


Only time will tell when this product will be released to the public.  I can tell you this though: you better start saving up if you want one.  The SLIDE may very well cost you an arm, leg and maybe your first born.