My Secret Identity


I may be the world’s worst blogger.  I have these moments where I can’t think of new geeky pieces of news to relay, funny memes to post or even bring myself to visit my own site.  Massive fail much?  Fact is, I don’t have the luxury of blogging as a full time (not to mention, lucrative) job.  Despite my recent sabbatical from the work force, lack of fundage and altogether sheer boredom, had prompted me to go searching for a new job.  Twerking 9-5 just wasn’t paying the bills.

The interesting thing about my existence is that what I’m good at on a professional level is so far removed from any of my passions and the things that truly drive me in life, that it feels like I’m two different people.  By day, I’m a mild mannered Customer Service Manager for a great Metropolitan Corporate Sales company and by night, I’m Xanderated; fighting for Comic Book Truths, Gamer Justice and the Geekmerican way!  I find it funny.  Not funny “Ha-Ha” but more funny “oh GAWD!”

Like my self-appointed Kryptonian Kounterpart, I guess this means I need to find a balance between these two identities so as not to ignore one or the other.  Little worried given the fact that countless issues of the Superman comic books later and the Man of Steel continues to find challenges in doing that.  I guess that’s part of the appeal of this epic icon.  It’s Clark’s journey, not his destination, that keeps the narrative going.  I assume (and hope) the same could be said of my own.

So?  I’ll keep fighting the good fight.  I can’t and won’t give up either half of my being.  They’re flip sides of the same coin and make me whole….

… although I wouldn’t mind having a personal assistant.  Emily?  EMILY?!?


2 responses to “My Secret Identity

  • HorrorKid77

    don’t sweat it, I work a 8-4 job and run my site and I have a 6 year old son and wife (she’s not 6) and what I usually do is write the night before (you have to stay up late sometimes) and set wordpress to publish the next day.

    Its hard work but when you do something you love, even if it doesn’t pay the bills, it makes you feel a bit more complete. Plus you can show your friends how geeky you truly are!


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