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I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the Supergirl pilot (which was not set to be aired until November this year) was inadvertently “leaked” online for all the world to see.  You may be asking why I threw those cute little quotation marks around the word, leaked?  Well, because I’ve had the inexplicable luck of running into a few leaked movies and TV shows in my day and I can tell you one thing they all share in common: they all have the words “advanced screening copy” or “property of blah blah blah studios” watermarked all over the scenes.  THIS “leaked pilot” however?  Did not.  So my inner Sherlock Homo tells me this is just one big marketing ploy by Warner Bros to drum up interest and buzz.  That being said, let’s get to my spoiler-free review as I’ve (as mentioned) inexplicably stumbled onto a copy of said “leaked pilot”.


There’s a very prevalent tongue-in-cheek quality to the show and they waste no time putting Supergirl right into action despite it being a pilot. The special effects are also pretty good and oft times, intense. You really feel like she’s flying or punching really fucking hard.  I also find Melissa Benoist, AMAZING!  She plays Kara as a strong and determined (albeit awkward) girl who’s just trying to find her way.  The whole premise of her character lies in that the mission she was sent to Earth for (protecting Kal-El as he grew), no longer exists since her ship didn’t land on Earth at the same time as Superbaby’s did.  So now, she needs to find her own way in the world.  BTW: for any of you thinking I’ve spoiled this part of the show, get over yourself and pick up a comic book.  That isn’t exactly a secret plot.


See that talk, dark and unnecessarily handsome stud standing next to Kara, up there?… pause for tastiness… ok, we’re back.  That’s Mehcad Brooks.  Some of you may know him as Eggs from HBO’s True Blood; but today, he stands before you as this show’s Jimmy Olsen.  Oh I’m sorry, he goes by James now.  Interesting take on the character, no?  I’m not referring to the glaringly obvious choice of turning the Daily Planet’s red-haired, goofy, cub-reporter/photographer into this HAWT black Adonis of a man.  It’s that Jimmy, isn’t Jimmy anymore.  He oozes sex appeal, confidence and just the right amount of smolder to make you drop your panties.  I mean… look at the way that shirt hugs his chest.  JUST LOOK AT IT!… pause for more tastiness and chest looking… see what I mean?


I assume one of the main reasons for sexing up Jimmy.. cough-cough .. JAMES, is that the world of Supergirl presents that bumbling archetype in the form of Winn Schott; Jeremy Jordan’s character.  He’s dopey, he’s cute, and he’s adorkable on every conceivable level.  He’s the kind of guy you wanna take home to mommy but first you’d have to give him a few pointers so he doesn’t say the wrong things or accidentally knock the fine china off the dinner table.


Finally, there’s Callista Flockheart as Cat Grant.  Looks like Ally McBeal became besties with Miranda Priestly and brought back some of her charm, wit and outright bitchyness to the Tribune.  Some of the interactions between Cat and Kara seem lifted straight from “The Devil Wears Prada”, but I’m not exactly mad at it.  It’s fun to watch.  I just hope they elevate the “Emily scenes” past what the movie gave us (which were phenomenal, BTW).

So there you have it; my “Leaked Pilot” musings with some hotness thrown in.  Although a few elements of the storytelling felt rushed to me, all in all it was a great watch.  Supergirl has definitely flown straight into my heart and I’ll be tuning in weekly to see how she develops…. you know… in November… when all of this was supposed to start.

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Not who Gandalf was Expecting


Thor’s a Dick


My Secret Identity


I may be the world’s worst blogger.  I have these moments where I can’t think of new geeky pieces of news to relay, funny memes to post or even bring myself to visit my own site.  Massive fail much?  Fact is, I don’t have the luxury of blogging as a full time (not to mention, lucrative) job.  Despite my recent sabbatical from the work force, lack of fundage and altogether sheer boredom, had prompted me to go searching for a new job.  Twerking 9-5 just wasn’t paying the bills.

The interesting thing about my existence is that what I’m good at on a professional level is so far removed from any of my passions and the things that truly drive me in life, that it feels like I’m two different people.  By day, I’m a mild mannered Customer Service Manager for a great Metropolitan Corporate Sales company and by night, I’m Xanderated; fighting for Comic Book Truths, Gamer Justice and the Geekmerican way!  I find it funny.  Not funny “Ha-Ha” but more funny “oh GAWD!”

Like my self-appointed Kryptonian Kounterpart, I guess this means I need to find a balance between these two identities so as not to ignore one or the other.  Little worried given the fact that countless issues of the Superman comic books later and the Man of Steel continues to find challenges in doing that.  I guess that’s part of the appeal of this epic icon.  It’s Clark’s journey, not his destination, that keeps the narrative going.  I assume (and hope) the same could be said of my own.

So?  I’ll keep fighting the good fight.  I can’t and won’t give up either half of my being.  They’re flip sides of the same coin and make me whole….

… although I wouldn’t mind having a personal assistant.  Emily?  EMILY?!?