Batman VS Superman : Trailer Leaked!


Is it wrong that I just wanna be the meat in their superhero sandwich?  Le sigh…. oh I should probably talk about this.

Thank whichever guy recorded the teaser trailer to Batman VS Superman : Dawn of Justice, because this?  IS AWESOME!  Warner Bros is probably LIVID given the leak of this trailer as I don’t believe it was supposed to show up until a smidge later.  I actually feel for them now that the Supercat is out of the Bag.  Imagine all this work you put into making a truly awesome and engaging trailer, and it explodes all over social media in the worst quality possible.


I recommend watching this trailer ASAP as it’s already getting yanked from interwebs.  You can do so on VidMe, HERE.  I did however, take the liberty of grabbing some screenshots of the last part of the encounter when Bats and Supes square off and you just KNOW they’re about to throw down.  I imagine kryptonite-lined batarangs will be flying everywhere.


“Tell me!..”


“Do you bleed?”


“You will!”



EDIT: Zack Snyder and his awesome team JUST released the official and SUPER CLEAR teaser trailer.

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