Psylocke Revealed


As usual, my X-men Stalking knows no bounds.  So much so that I’ve decided to combine the two words and shall refer to it as Xtalking.  I will never make any attempt at pronouncing this new word I’ve crafted, because I am fearful that it will require severe tongue acrobatics and potential dismemberment in order to do it right.

Bryan Singer delights us again with another X-tidbit on the upcoming X-Men : Apocalypse film by introducing us to none other than Elizabeth Braddock, also known as Pyslocke; my favorite Japanese, by way of Britain, Ninja, Psychic.  Confusing, no?


I’m not entirely sure where I stand on this.  Granted I don’t really know Olivia but she doesn’t really look the part to me.  I may be biased given my own nationality, but I wish she looked more Japanese. Mei Melancon, who played Psylocke in X3 definitely had the Asian cred to go with her role but we won’t speak of how little one of my favorite X-babes was fleshed out in that horrible, HORRIBLE flick.  In fact, we won’t even talk about that movie.  Still makes me angry.  I mean look at this!  This is supposed to be Arclight, Callisto and Psylocke?  I literally cant even.


Olivia certainly has the rockin-hawt body to don Psylocke’s strategically placed straps of cloth masquerading as a superhero costume, so should they go that route, she’ll “fill it out” nicely (such as it were).  Fully reserving judgement for now and just basking in the fact that Psylocke is making it on the big screen because again: X3 DOESN’T COUNT!!!


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