Deja Deadpool


My spider-sense is tingling and it’s telling me these leaked set pictures from the upcoming Deadpool movie are NO DOUBT recreating the scene from the Test Footage we all saw last summer.  Before we gaze on their collective magnificence, let’s take a very short trip down memory lane:

GAWD, I love Ryan Reynolds’ voice!  It’s deceptively innocent, like he wants to go to Disneyland with you; but also secretly wicked, like he’d run around snatching churros out of people’s hands because they cost too bloody much these days but I’m freaking STARVING and could use a sugary snack, damnit!!!

… whoops, got off topic again.  Allow me to resume the aforementioned gazing of leaked set pics:

Right?  RIGHT?!?  I’m not entirely sure what Ryan Reynolds’ flipping prowess is like, but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say there’s a chance that’s just his stunt double in the suit.  Not that Ryan would have any trouble filling out those leather duds.  In a recent tweet, Ryan reminds the world at large that he brought his own guns to the movie along with that generous and kind heart of his:

**sigh**  **swoon**  **faint**

BTW: how GREAT is that Deadpool suit?  I really love when Comic Book Movies don’t stray too far from the original source material when it comes to their costumes.  It makes me happy in all the right places, which is what these studios are specifically going for… my happiness.

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