Disney Damsels in Dat Dress Doh!


OK so TECHNICALLY, the Wizard of Oz isn’t a Disney franchise in the traditional sense of the word BUT ever since the House of Mouse bulldozed itself into the mythos by producing Oz The Great and Powerful with a perpetually baked-off-his-ass Wizard in the form of James Franco, and hiding behind the rationale that the film was based off Frank Baum’s original books, it works… JEEBUS CRUST, that was a long sentence!

At any rate, I’m not here to discuss the merits of Disney’s sneaky manuever.  I’m here to illustrate an illustrator’s illustrations.  J. Scott Campbell is one gifted artist with a penchant for drawing seductive women with unrealistic body proportions that would make anorexic women feel plus-sized.  Yet all the while, you buy into these outrageous female forms, because his pieces are simply breathtaking.

I actually ran into these in person at the WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney in Anaheim a few months ago and it took every bit of self-control not to completely violate my checking account and buy them all.  Thank GAWD my husband was there to smack me upside the head and remind me that my finances are finite and FAR from abundant.

As much as I enjoyed these, being the Disney Freak that I am, I am a much bigger fan of his collection called Fairytale Fantasies where J. Scott takes a decidedly looser interpretation of the dainty damsels and villainous vixens with results that make me question my fabulous sexuality.

Some of the images may be considered slightly sexist given the NC-17 poses, outfits and seemingly docile and submissive looks on their faces; to me they just look HAWT!  There’s a distinctive line between selling sex and selling seduction.  J. Scott walks that fine line while still managing to lean towards the latter.

No matter where you stand on Campbells particular style and artistic leanings, it’s hard to deny his talent.  You don’t even have to be a comic book enthusiast to appreciate his work.  You just need eyes.

J. Scott Campbell’s Sites:

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