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Coolest Gay Superhero


And by “coolest”, I mean in the most literal sense of the word.

In a startling (albeit welcome) move by Marvel Comics, one of the founding members of the X-Men just came out as gay!  Our very own Iceman (aka Bobby Drake) just got dragged out of the closet by the X-Men’s resident redhead, Jean Grey!

I couldn’t be more floored by this turn of events for many, many, MANY reasons; not the least of which involves a breakdown in continuity for established X-Lore.  For those that have not been following one of the newest X-Books, “All-New X-Men“, after the fallout of the Phoenix 5 and Cyclops literally murdering his surrogate father, Professor X, Beast plucked the original 5 X-Men from the past and brought them to the present.  How he did this without rupturing the space-time continuum is beyond me.  Did he not watch Back to the Future?  Next thing you know, he’s going to send his younger self a Sports Almanac.

Given that these five youngsters have yet to fulfill their destinies as X-Men so that their present day selves will exist as the people they are today, I’m not entirely sure how the X-Scribes are going to pull out of this one.  The fact remains, that the original X-Men DO still need to go back to their time and have their memories wiped of their experiences so as not to alter the time stream or else the ramifications could be catastrophic.  We know this to be true given that in the pages of the recent “Battle of the Atom” story line, young Cyclops was killed (momentarily, of course) and when that happened, older Cyclops faded out of existence for a smidge.


Again, I’m not against Bobby being Gay, CLEARLY; but this news just broke my mind and now my memories of the popsicle’s adventures are all wonky and pear-shaped.  How this affects the known X-Men universe can only unfold in time but I for one, cannot wait to see it.

On a side note?  Can we re-do the X-Movies and have Shawn Ashmore (as Iceman), totally make out with Daniel Cudmore (Colossus) or something?  That would either be the HOTTEST thing ever (no pun intended) or potentially akin to licking a frozen metal pole…. that was almost naughty fan-fic wasn’t it? 


Avengers : Dark Ages


Gorgeous.  Breathtaking.  Captivating.  These are adjectives that could be used to describe my self-appointed beauty had the world functioned the way it does in my wildest dreams.  Sadly, I’m writing this post in the waking world, so that’s just not gonna be a thing.  At best, I’m arguably attractive in some 3rd world countries.

These images from Deviant Artist, Daniel Kamarudin (aka theDURRRRIAN), though?  Good Golly, Miss Freakin Molly!  He took the classic Avengers costumes and immersed them in what I can only call a Super-Fantasy Realm of Myth and Magic.  I hope Marvel is paying close attention because I would SO buy a comic book with a story featuring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes going back in time and space for the sheer purpose of donning these Duds from the Dark Ages.  My personal favorite is his take on Scarlet Witch.  The way those hot pink runes float about her just scream Chaos Magic.

If you love these images as much as I do; and really, how can you not?) head over to his DeviantArt page to check out his other pieces.  You absolutely will NOT be disappointed.

Hello Neville

I long for his bottom. ** giggle **

Matthew McConaughey watches Star Wars Teaser


Batman VS Superman : Trailer Leaked!


Is it wrong that I just wanna be the meat in their superhero sandwich?  Le sigh…. oh I should probably talk about this.

Thank whichever guy recorded the teaser trailer to Batman VS Superman : Dawn of Justice, because this?  IS AWESOME!  Warner Bros is probably LIVID given the leak of this trailer as I don’t believe it was supposed to show up until a smidge later.  I actually feel for them now that the Supercat is out of the Bag.  Imagine all this work you put into making a truly awesome and engaging trailer, and it explodes all over social media in the worst quality possible.


I recommend watching this trailer ASAP as it’s already getting yanked from interwebs.  You can do so on VidMe, HERE.  I did however, take the liberty of grabbing some screenshots of the last part of the encounter when Bats and Supes square off and you just KNOW they’re about to throw down.  I imagine kryptonite-lined batarangs will be flying everywhere.


“Tell me!..”


“Do you bleed?”


“You will!”



EDIT: Zack Snyder and his awesome team JUST released the official and SUPER CLEAR teaser trailer.

X-Force Movie in the Works?


Not to steer away from the premier of the 2nd Avengers movie (of which I already have tickets to, thank you very much), but I couldn’t help but start piecing together this idea of an impending X-Force movie.  The time seems right and the many parts are slowly coming together.

Now, I’m not talking about the original X-Force team which was basically The New Mutants on steroids with the help of Cable.  I’m talking about the group of covert assassins that Wolverine bunched together to take out threats before they BECOME threats.  Permanently.  Besides, I SO don’t wanna give too many nods to the original creator of that team, Rob Liefeld, since he basically lost his shit purely because one of the characters he created, turned out to be gay.. or bi… I forget which but basically Shatterstar likes boys.  Rob’s official quote in fact was:

“As the guy that created, designed and wrote his first dozen appearances, Shatterstar is not gay. Sorry. Can’t wait to someday undo this..”

Massive douche-waffle, am I right?  Moving right along…


We know that 20th Century Fox registered or the like, many years ago and basically been sitting on it all this time as they cranked out other X-flicks.  Given that the upcoming X-Men : Apocalypse would be the 3rd entry into the X-Men First Class trilogy, they would need to take the X-Franchise into another direction and to me, this seems like the most obvious direction.

Take into consideration the recent surge of new mutants popping up in the film’s universe; Archangel, Psylocke and even Deadpool who’s getting his own movie.  That makes up about half of the no-holds-barred superhero team.

Granted, the team is led by Wolverine and Hugh Jackman is only donning the claws one more time, but who’s to say that we won’t see Cable pop up during X-Men : Apocalypse?  He and Apocalypse have gone toe-to-toe more times than I can count, and it would be a perfect story line to introduce the time-displaced mutant.

Seem kind of a long shot?  Maybe; but keep in mind that X-Force is meant to be completely covert.  Even the main X-Men teams in the comic books didn’t know about their existence until Wolverine was forced to come out of the closet with what they’ve been doing.  Given that the 3 characters above exist in the X-Films’ origins timeline, the group could conceivably come together during the first X-Men film and only Professor X knows about it.

This is pure speculation on the part of an overly zealous lover of all things X-Men, but I like to think it’s an educated guess.  Besides, no one likes to do the “I Told You So” dance more than me.  Mark my words: it’s real, it’s happening, get into it!

Sidebar: Also a spectacular opportunity to introduce Wolverine’s clone: X23!


The Force Awakens : Teaser 2


Oh my EFFING gawd!  Lucasfilms just dropped the 2nd Star Wars trailer and I may have officially lost all control of my bodily fluids.  Such awesome little cut scenes and the very familiar faces at the end gave me goosebumps the size of Foxy Cleopatra’s Afro.  I won’t spoil that surprise as I’m confident your various social media feeds have already done so.  ENJOY!