Home Sweet Avenger’d Home


Please let the record show that I am officially hiring Absolook Interior Design to do my home.  Granted I don’t have money to purchase said home nor even pay Absolook for their future tireless efforts towards the realization of my geeky fantasies, but I have every confidence that they will set me up with a monthly payment plan that may very well need to last through the entirety of my life.


These truly gifted creators have designed an Avengers Themed House in Singapore! <insert high-pitched fangirl squeal>  Not only does it pay proper tribute to Marvel’s Movie Franchise, it does so flawlessly.  This is not some corny house adorned with random Avenger’s posters and memorablia.  This is a fully-realized and perfectly executed concept.


I am especially tickled by their placement of The Incredible Hulk in the kitchen area.  I can’t say this was done on purpose, but where else but the kitchen would you put the reckless gargantuan?  You can almost see him barreling through the pots and pans while rummaging through the pantry.  Do I even need to point out the genius of having Iron Man plastered through the bedroom?  Billionaire Genius Playboy?  You just know Tony Stark would waste no time in bringing a few bunnies to his boudoir and letting them polish his plasma cannon.


Now I just have to somehow amass say a couple million dollars or so and I’ll be set.  I wonder if I can use Kickstarter for that?  Hmmmmm….

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