Teddy + Billy, 4 EVER


Teddy Altman and Billy Kaplan, better known to the Comic Book world at large as Hulkling and Wiccan, represent the most prominent and (in my humble opinion) BEST gay couple in all of Comic Book History… thus far, anyway.


What I wouldn’t have given to have these 2 exist when I was a kid reading through piles and piles of comic books.   Don’t get me wrong; my upbringing with the X-Men was nothing to scoff at and they were always ahead of their time in terms of promoting equality and understanding.  In fact, my very first blog entry was dedicated to what Marvel’s band of Merry Mutants, did for me as a child; but man, if these two were also thrown into the equation, I might’ve been able to escape some of the more neurotic pieces of my arguably insane psyche.


If you haven’t had a chance to read their story in the pages of Young Avengers, do yourself a favor and pick up the first couple of issues.  Better yet, grab the first TPB (Trade Paperback) collecting the first couple of issue to Young Avengers.  Even if you’re not normally into Marvel’s premier super group, I’m confident you would enjoy their adventures.


Random tangent aside, I stumbled on a fantastic collection of original user art, largely dedicated to this new Dynamic Duo by online Artist, Cris Art.  I’ve posted some of my personal favorites but there are many, MANY more on his Tumblr page.  I should caution those with more delicate minds, that the site has some NSFW moments; specifically Yaoi type art.  They can go from mildly erotic to full blown “OMG, someone delete my browsing history!!!”.


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