Shell Shocked


There are no words to describe the heartbreak that ran through me when I happened onto this story.  I actually read it a few days ago, but it was literally more than my geeky heart could bare and I just couldn’t bring myself to type out these words.

The fierce foursome that occupied my every waking childhood moment just became a trio.  One of the Teenage Mutant Teenage Turtles is gone.  Not just gone, but brutally slayed by one of their iconic enemies.  And not just any turtle, but my absolute favorite one.


In a battle that leaps straight from the TV show, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael are fighting off Krang on another attempt to conquer the Earth with Donatello at home base, running command.  Things go sour for Krang (of course) but Shredder had a fail-safe in place for when things went all pear-shaped for them.  He ordered Beebop and Rocksteady to kill Donatello should anything go wrong.


This would be where the comic diverges from the Disney-eque happy endings in the TV cartoon series.  Despite Donny’s best efforts, he was finished by a killing blow to his shell by Rocksteady.  His brothers and comrades find his mutilated body when they return, in a splash page of sorrow that pulled and broke every heart string.


No.  Just NO!  That is not how Donatello should have gone down.  Not done in by some lackey toads with horrible effing names.  The words: “What the serious, f#ck?!?” spring to mind.

Hope springs eternal though, given the “To Be Continued” tag at the end of the story.  If it’s one thing I know about Comic Books, it’s that no one stays dead.  This is even assuming Donatello IS dead (note my denial).

The writers WILL bring him back, damn it.

… they BETTER bring him back…

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