Everyone looks so downright angry in the DC Universe.  I guess that will happen once the powers-that-be, wipe your origins clean and then re-brand you as The New 52.  Granted, given some of the more embarrassing affairs of my own past, I would probably have signed up for this myself.  These classic characters however, had no such option.

Come April 2015, the world of The New 52 will be magically blended into the main DC continuity and shit will probably be hitting the proverbial fan.  I imagine DC threw a bunch of stuff into a NutriBullet and left it on over night.  They’ll be a huge multiple issue arc, people are going to get hurt, maybe killed, someone will forget to turn the gas off before leaving their homes; crazy shit like that.  Post convergence, you’ll end up with heroes with puréed memories and not to mention some new duds.  No one is safe.  Not even The Trinity.  So without further ado, here are your new Superman, Wonder Woman and… umm.. I THINK that’s Batman?




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