Captain America Cosplay x 100


ERMAHGERD!  I am desperately in need of this jacket!  Like right, effing NOW!  Excuse me while I check Yelp for local loan sharks for the sheer purpose of enabling my geek cred and potentially kinky night maneuvers with my equally nerdy husband.

This looks awesome.  I tip the hat I do not wear, to the creators.  The design is nearly spot-on to the Age of Ultron version of Captain America’s new outfit.  I can almost imagine Chris Evans donning this jacket right before I get to feel it’s Faux Leather lining kissing my skin tenderly….


…. OK, I went somewhere naughty.  I’m back now.  Sorry for the delay.

At any rate, once I’ve sacrificed chickens to Bank of America so they will increase my very limited line of credit, I get to hit the ADD TO CART button to send this awesome jacket on its merry way to my closet.  In the event you want to do the same: CLICK HERE to visit New American Jackets for your very own.


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