World of Warcrack

WoWAh Saturday.  The day when I sort of rest and sort of get stuff done; by that I mean I make a whole pot of coffee and spend the entirety of the first half of the day playing World of Warcraft.  Sad, right?  In my defense, I’ve scaled down considerably from when I was a self-described, hardcore, elite, gamer that would spend 3-4 hours A NIGHT playing.  I don’t mind saying though, that I was awesome.  Like TOTES.  Now, I tend to just waft into a random raid group or (gawd help me) an LFR group to blow up the meters quietly; because that’s how I like to show off: Silent but Deadly.

Truth be told, I’ve recently left the guild that was part of my life since Wrath of the Lich King and if you’re doing your math (which I know you’re not) that’s over half a decade of being dedicated to the progression of a group of people.  I feel I should get a reward, a degree or at least a $25 gift card to Target.  And really, I could SO use that gift card right now.

So today, I reminisce for the “Good Old Days” when my WoW alter-ego, Xerberus, was a name to be feared (in my mind).  Also I randomly ran into an article for the Music Video I spliced together set to the tune of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep with a big spoonful of help from my fellow WoW guildie: PaddyDCups.  I was quite proud of it and it actually got more than a few articles of note in the geek gamer blogosphere, like this one from Engadget.  PS: Thank you, Michael Gray.

At any rate: Hope you enjoy it!

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