Come On, Season 7!

I had to take a moment; a loooooooooooong moment before I said anything about this season’s installment of RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Why?  Because I try not to levy any opinions when I don’t have anything nice to say.  I know, right?  Hard to believe.  That being said, I don’t get this season.  As in, at all.


It’s only been 2 episodes but there seems to be something missing from this season that its predecessors were able to serve right out the gay gate.  Usually, by the time the Drag Queens are all introduced, I’ve already chosen nearly half a dozen favorites.  (BTW: I’m excluding the first season from that ratio because half a dozen queens is practically all you got.)  But here?  Two; Katya and Max.





Beyond these two, I just don’t find a lot of these queens exciting and most of them are kind of b!tchy.  Not like “Drag Queen Bitchy“, but just flat out shady and cruel.  There’s something to be said for splicing together all these different personalities on a reality show to instigate some drama, but everything I’ve watched so far seems forced.  In fact, the whole thing seems almost formulaic and phoned in.

Still, there were some moments worth noting.  At the top of my mind would have to be Violet Chachki’s mini-challenge look on the runway.  Gurl came out in a mostly black number, pulled a Wonder Woman twirl that would make Lynda Carter proud, and exploded in a tantalizing tartan number.


Then there’s the pit crew.  Oh my, oh my, OH MY, The Pit Crew!  We have returning hotties, Jason Carter and Miles Davis Moody.  “YAAAASS!!!”  We seem to have lost Shawn Morales, “NOOOOO!!!“.  Lastly, there’s the addition of Ginger GOD: Bryce Eilenberg; proof positive that heaven exists.  I literally can’t even deal with the sheer level of HAWTNESS that exudes off this guy.  Granted, anyone that knows me can attest to my inexplicable lust for redheads, but you cannot deny Bryce’s stud status.  I’m a little miffed he isn’t gay like his companions, but I won’t let that deter my ogling.


All in all, the season isn’t working for me… yet.  I want it to.  I NEED it to!  Given my deep affection for Mama Ru and my dedication to this show, I will show up every week, glued to my TV, wanting… waiting… needing… for Ru to justify my love.  Until then, Pearl and I will be making the same faces.

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