Let me take a SELFIE!


I’m not entirely sure if I’m happy or disturbed by this, or both, but for those that still cling onto the inexplicably sustainable phenomenon that is known as World of Warcraft, you’d know that Blizzard recently implemented an in-game twitter link that includes not just being able to upload screenshots directly to the gargantuan social media platform, but it also gives you the opportunity to take selfies!  SELFIES!  It bears repeating: SELFIES!!!

It’s had quite the polarizing effect within the Warcraft community with opposing arguments fighting valiantly to declare the merits or downfalls of their opinions on the matter.  I’m not exactly taking sides on either of these camps.  I’m more enthused by the sheer growth and development of this.  This is a company and game that knows, all too well, the effect that social media has had on the world and has taken their #1 franchise to another level by giving it the means to explode into the IRL world.  For those uninitiated into the world of gaming acronyms, IRL means “In Real Life”.  You’re welcome.

At any rate, regardless of where you may stand, you cannot deny the accomplishment achieved here.  It’s kinda cool.  Like “totes adorbz” cool.  So much so, that it spurred it’s own music video on YouTube.

And with that, I bid you farewell.  Just gotta take one more selfie with the pose that ALL gay boys use when trying to thin out their physiques for Grindr, Scruff, Jack’d or <insert favorite hook-up app here>; the twist and click:


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