Seriously, LET IT GO!


I feel the need to preface this post by declaring how much I loved Frozen; not so much for the story as much as I basically uttered fangirl levels of squealing whenever Elsa used her Icy Powers.

That being said: Really?  REALLY?  Could we milk this movie any further?  Not only is this just a short little CGI cartoon highlighting the invariable frigid high jinks surrounding Anna’s birthday, but it unapologetically serves as a means to drag people to the live-action Cinderella movie coming out soon.  Which, BTW, I have NO intention of seeing despite being a semi-hard Disney Fan….

… that sounded dirtier than I imagined.  I was just trying to find a not-so-strongly worded version of the phrase “Die-Hard” and it came out phallic beyond measure….. damn, I did it again.

Back to my point: REEEEEEEEEEEEALLY, DISNEY?  Cut to me buying a ticket to Cinderella just to watch this short because hello?  Adele Dazim!

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