Jason Momoa as Aquaman

There are brief moments in comic book movie history that make me squeal like a little Japanese School Girl; the primary manifestation of the aforementioned shriek would probably have to be the first time I witnessed just the teaser trailer for the X-Men movie.  The high pitched noise I made in the theater wasn’t even diminished by the unfortunate bangs they gave Halle Berry as Storm.  I mean, really.  Come on guys.  WTF?

But I digress.

Fast forward to the present and one image alone was able to draw out the fan girl in me and THAT moment was seeing Jason Momoa presented as the new Aquaman by Zack Snyder.  Allow me to take a moment to gaze upon the sheer awesomeness of that image:


Jason Momoa | Aquaman

It’s like all my geeky, nerdy (albeit homoerotic) fantasies wrapped up in one delicious image.  Granted, he doesn’t look exactly the way most people know Aquaman to be but that’s not to say that Zack Snyder’s vision of the character doesn’t pay homage to certain characteristics the King of the Seven Seas possesses.  Besides, do we really want Aquaman to don a scale-ridden yellow unitard with green leggings?

Although, I DO need to give a nod to a more subtle tweaking of his classic costume like the two below.  It’s totes adorbz and the artists’ renderings make the part of me that yearns to be a comic-penciler giddy and my palms kind of sweaty.



In any event and regardless of what people think of the new duds the fishy fisherman wears, this is a welcome addition to the DC Comic Universe; if for no other reason than how it clearly preempts the introduction of the Justice League.

I think it best to close this little post with additional images of the gorgeous example of man that is Jason Momoa.  You’re welcome.


Jason Momoa | Drogo

Jason Momoa | Surfer God

Jason Momoa | Baywatch


Jason Momoa | Conan

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