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Seriously, LET IT GO!


I feel the need to preface this post by declaring how much I loved Frozen; not so much for the story as much as I basically uttered fangirl levels of squealing whenever Elsa used her Icy Powers.

That being said: Really?  REALLY?  Could we milk this movie any further?  Not only is this just a short little CGI cartoon highlighting the invariable frigid high jinks surrounding Anna’s birthday, but it unapologetically serves as a means to drag people to the live-action Cinderella movie coming out soon.  Which, BTW, I have NO intention of seeing despite being a semi-hard Disney Fan….

… that sounded dirtier than I imagined.  I was just trying to find a not-so-strongly worded version of the phrase “Die-Hard” and it came out phallic beyond measure….. damn, I did it again.

Back to my point: REEEEEEEEEEEEALLY, DISNEY?  Cut to me buying a ticket to Cinderella just to watch this short because hello?  Adele Dazim!

R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy


The Dress


I have not seen the internet so infatuated with a dress since Jennifer Lopez wore that Green Versace outfit at the grammy awards.  Need a reminder?  You’re welcome.  Hell, I think it broke the internet a great deal more than Kim Kardashian’s unnecessarily photographer naked butt.  I’d include a link to that image but I can only stomach so much in one day and I haven’t even had breakfast yet.

Fast forward to today and all my social media feeds are vomiting images of that dress along with the question of what color it is.  Personally, I agree with Grumpy Cat.  It’s ugly.  Can we just leave it at that?


That being said, I couldn’t help but post geeky memes about it.  I’ll let the color wars rage on elsewhere.




SIDEBAR: Apparently the true color of the dress has something to do with the type of light you shine on it. If you look below, the original dress is in the middle. At left, white-balanced as if the dress is white-gold. At right, white-balanced to blue-black. F*ck Yeah, Science!


It Could Happen


Dragon Ball Z Done Right


I’m not entirely sure why it is these re-makes of my beloved childhood TV shows keep popping up, but I’m not going to question it.  I will only bask in the sheer EPIC’ness of the aforementioned efforts and pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that they don’t get taken down for copyright infringement.  I’m surprised the recently produced Power Rangers mini-movie has stayed up this long given the lawsuit that Saban is building against them.  I suggest watching that one while you can.

In the meantime, I’m going to return to my basking before basking loses all meaning.  The really cool thing about this venture in particular is that it looks like they’re trying to make a mini-web series about it.  Cut to me donating money for the sole reason of watching episode 2.

BTW: if you’d like to help support this team’s endeavors, you should totes CLICK HERE.

Super Mario Anxiety


This video gives me 10,000 little panic attacks but I just couldn’t look away!

WOOF Wednesday: Chris Hemsworth


Shortly before the demise of 2014, People Magazine declared who their Sexiest Man Alive was.  I gotta be honest, I was vying for Neil Patrick Harris to be named.  I think having such a prominent title in a magazine like People, would’ve done amazing things in terms of “normalizing” homosexuality in the world and maybe getting the hate-mongers to simmer down even.  At the very least, they might STFU given that they would now be in the minority as being homophobic is just sooooo out of style these days.


That being said, HECK YEAH on Chris Hemsworth!  I’m definitely ok with the hetero option here.  Besides, I don’t think People Magazine lists gay men as their #1 demographic (although I’m sure we’re one of their top 5 targets).  I kind of feel like I should point out that as a rule, I don’t generally find blond men attractive.  That’s not to say that I can’t tell when one IS good looking, they just don’t turn my head to the point of whiplash as much as say Joe Mangienello….

… oh man, can we sidebar on him for one brief picture?


Ok, I feel better.  Chris Hemsworth is a tall glass of water and I am one perpetually thirsty geek. I hadn’t really followed his career prior to him being deemed worthy enough to take up Mjolnir, but I was definitely on board the moment he swung that mighty hammer of his.  In fact, the first promo pic I saw of him as Thor, involved rain and what was a thinly veiled wet T-shirt contest masking itself as turning point for the character.  Poor guy.  Look at him.  He needs a hug.  I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!!….


… ok that was a weird Hunger Games reference that has nothing to do with Chris but since his equally hot brother, Liam, is in the movies, I believe that entitles me to make that sort of remark.  Additionally, I’m gonna need to sidebar a 2nd time to call attention to the sheer adorableness of the skit the Hemsworth Bros did on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Their “sequel” to the Viral YouTube video of Charlie Bit Me, was spot on.

So today’s entry of the sporadic WOOF Wednesday series is happy to add the Aussie Adonis to its ranks.

Why?  Because Reasons!


Chris HemsworthThorShirtless


Gaymer Geek


Somewhere over the rainbow, past the bog of eternal stench, situated just past the second star to the right and straight on till the hangover ends lives the most rare sub species of the gay community: the gay gamer. In recent times, we’ve come to be known as simply “Gaymers”.

We are the outcasts’ outcasts’ OUTCASTS!!! And before you ask, why yes, the extra exclamation points are beyond necessary. They really drive the point home I think. It’s always the toughest box to climb out of because every last person I run into has about a hundred and one, pre-conceived notions about who I am, where I come from, and how is it with as much time I spend sitting in a chair and gaming my life away, do I manage to make sure my tummy doesn’t stick past my belt. Simple really. I mix a healthy and moderate dose of gaming with exercise, a high protein-low carb diet, and every conceivable fat burning pill the FDA has yet to catch…. wait… where’d I go?

At any rate, I’ve spent most of my life silently hiding the “less appealing” parts of my gaymer personality in lieu of more acceptable personality traits. Because let’s face it: I was trying to get some.  At some point, I had decided to be unapologetically me and let the world bask in my ambiance. I hear my ambiance is nice to be around; or so the voices in my head keep telling me. I had no real idea why I decided to effectively “come out” again other than the mere fact that I have entirely too much free time on my hands and about a million and one thoughts spilling out of my brain. It’s gotta go somewhere. Since the information superhighway has more off-ramps than you can shake a disco stick at, it’s going there.  And by there, I mean, my blog.

I feel kind of bad that I’ve neglected this for nearly 2 months.  I’ve just been busy.  Better yet, I’m going to use Eddie Izzard‘s excuse circa Dressed to Kill era: “I was dead at the time!  I was on the moon!  With Steve!”….No?  Not feeling that?  OK, maybe that wasn’t very funny to you but trust me when I say you HAD to be there.

So long story short (too late), I’m jumping back on my gaymer horse.  Hopefully I’ll have more stuff to talk about that manages to promote some semblance of intelligent discourse on the serious business of Video Games.  I also love foodie stuff, but I tend to save that for my Instagram account it seems…

… damnit, I just looked at my pictures and am furiously craving chicken wings.  I must be off.  My appetite needs me!


Jason Momoa as Aquaman

There are brief moments in comic book movie history that make me squeal like a little Japanese School Girl; the primary manifestation of the aforementioned shriek would probably have to be the first time I witnessed just the teaser trailer for the X-Men movie.  The high pitched noise I made in the theater wasn’t even diminished by the unfortunate bangs they gave Halle Berry as Storm.  I mean, really.  Come on guys.  WTF?

But I digress.

Fast forward to the present and one image alone was able to draw out the fan girl in me and THAT moment was seeing Jason Momoa presented as the new Aquaman by Zack Snyder.  Allow me to take a moment to gaze upon the sheer awesomeness of that image:


Jason Momoa | Aquaman

It’s like all my geeky, nerdy (albeit homoerotic) fantasies wrapped up in one delicious image.  Granted, he doesn’t look exactly the way most people know Aquaman to be but that’s not to say that Zack Snyder’s vision of the character doesn’t pay homage to certain characteristics the King of the Seven Seas possesses.  Besides, do we really want Aquaman to don a scale-ridden yellow unitard with green leggings?

Although, I DO need to give a nod to a more subtle tweaking of his classic costume like the two below.  It’s totes adorbz and the artists’ renderings make the part of me that yearns to be a comic-penciler giddy and my palms kind of sweaty.



In any event and regardless of what people think of the new duds the fishy fisherman wears, this is a welcome addition to the DC Comic Universe; if for no other reason than how it clearly preempts the introduction of the Justice League.

I think it best to close this little post with additional images of the gorgeous example of man that is Jason Momoa.  You’re welcome.


Jason Momoa | Drogo

Jason Momoa | Surfer God

Jason Momoa | Baywatch


Jason Momoa | Conan