Ant-Man Trailer


I. AM. MADLY IN LOVE with Paul Rudd.  Always have been since I first saw him as Josh on Clueless.  His eyes, his demeanor, his eyes, his smile and then there are his eyes.  They’re gorgeous!  It bears repeating.  GORGEOUS!  I will say though I found the whole step-brother and step-sister incestuous coupling event at the end of the movie kind of EWWWWW; but that’s not what this post is about.

ENTER: Ant-Man!


I can’t say that I’m a big fan of the tiny avenger, but I have no intention of missing this movie on the pure basis of Paul Rudd’s hotness.  He clearly worked out till he was ready to pass out as he went from his average yet healthy physique (with the occasional belly) to the ripped stud he’s portraying as Ant-Man.  I mean, I’ve been rewinding the 2 seconds that occur at the 1:29 minute mark for much MUCH longer than I should have been.  I’ll save you the trouble of fast-forwarding to that moment:


You’re welcome.

At any rate, here is the brand spank-men new trailer for Ant-Man!

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