Gay Tide Commercial


You have GOT to appreciate the sheer magnitude of this commercial.  Tide has released a non-over-the-top commercial featuring a gay couple doing laundry for crying out loud!  Do you understand what this means?

They’re not overly effeminate, stereotyped archetypes of the gay community and the only comedy they bring to the table is one guy making a dig at the other’s choice in boyfriends.  There’s really not a single joke brought forth here that couldn’t be just as easily said by a straight couple.

Achievement Unlocked : NORMALCY

It’s a shame this commercial is in Canada and not where I live; Murica, but the times are changing and this is great growth.

SIdebar: LOVE that kitchen.  Little bit brighter than I would want for my own, but it’s functional and inviting…. I really gotta stop watching so much HGTV.

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