BlizzCon 2014


I have what I’m going to refer to as a Convention Hangover.  Lots of fun was had, but now I’m paying for it.  There’s no way I would’ve done as much walking and standing as I did over the last few days on purpose.  Ew.  As if.  BUT, when you put the promise of new game info at my feet, then I’m burdened with glorious purpose to see as much as possible before my body passes out.  Which it did.  Early on the 2nd day.  Oh well.

I couldn’t even go onto the many WONDERFUL things we experienced, but I can say one of the more EPIC announcements was the introduction of a completely different world that Blizzard was bringing in the form of new game: Overwatch.  I cannot say enough about how much I want to play this game… which is weird considering how much I’m NOT a fan of the FPS-like genre.   I’ve been told it’s pretty much like Team Fortress 2 but more.  Being that I’ve never played that, my mind was wandering more towards Marvel Nemesis (which, if you’ve never played, you’re missing out).  I’m nowhere near lucid enough to speak properly on this ridiculous-fun looking game, (given the recently coined term Convention Hangover) but I think this gameplay footage will wrap it up quite nicely in my place.

I didn’t get much World of Warcraft love this time around, but given that most of last year’s BlizzCon was devoted to the reveal of the expansion, I can let it slide.  That didn’t stop me and my loving husband (yes, he’s a gamer too) from being complete dorks in front of a green screen and getting our picture taken.  He definitely came in like a wrecking ball. Pictures like this make me worry about us… a lot.


Speaking of my husband though, he did get a nice surprise in the form of the trailer of the newest Starcraft II expansion.  He’s a total Sci-Fi nerd, so this kind of stuff makes his underwear tight.

See how happy he was when we saw the trailer?  That’s the smile of a happy gamer.


Heroes of the Storm has a lot of new features coming into the fray, not the least of which includes some new playable characters like Thrall, Jaina and the mutha-fuggin Lost Vikings!  I literally lost my mind when I saw them hop on screen.  Good times were had by all.

At any rate, there’s infinitely too much for one little person (like me) can cover in one little blog like this one so I’m going to let Polygon cover it for me; cuz they’re awesome and I love them long time.  Gamespot also did a pretty thorough write-up.  If you haven’t figured out that you should’ve clicked on the previous links, there’s no help for you.

All in all, it was loads of fun and I blew nearly $400 in Blizz merchandise.  Was pretty brutal.  Can’t wait till next year!


Ok.  Ok.  One more greenscreen pic… cuz it’s awesome.


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