WOOF Wednesday : Carver Twins


I feel absolutely horrible about the fact that I missed an opportunity to post a WOOF Wednesday entry last week.  So bad in fact, I’m doubling up this one with not one, but TWO completely woof-able specimens: Max and Charlie Carver.


This Terrific Twosome waltzed into my life on the 2nd Season of Teen Wolf as bad-ass werewolf twins that could strip shirtless and then hug it out to become one SUPER-bad-ass (although nowhere as attractive) Mega-Werewolf with mutton chops that rival Wolverines.  Seriously, they were SEVERE!


I also gotta give props to the adolescent show that I, as a middle-aged gay man probably shouldn’t be enjoying so much, for having one of the two twins play a gay character.  A strong, sexy, gay character with spontaneous episodes of nakedness.  Such a horrible affliction, really.

The Carver Twins in Teen Wolf Episode 3.10

If you haven’t seen an episode of Teen Wolf, you’re kinda missing out on a pretty cool Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Saved by the Bell sort of sitcom where every character is impossibly good-looking.  You’re also missing out on seeing Tyler Hoechlin, shirtless all the time.  A man who definitely deserves one of his own WOOF Wednesday entries but in the interest of being fair, I will refrain from posting pics of him on the Twins’ entry….

… oh what the hell.  BASK!  BASK I SAY!

Tyler Hoechlin shirtless teen wolf

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