Sexy Superheroes


Am I entirely wrong for finding some of these comic book variants a little hot?  I’ve been living and breathing some of these “Supermen” since I was a kid so it stands to reason that I would develop a not-altogether-healthy fascination with them, right?  Especially Colossus of the X-Men.  I know I spoke about him ever so briefly but I really need to get on a post of why he is literally the hottest superhero “alive”…. ok, I got distracted again.

At any rate, these variant covers are insane levels of awesome.  I am especially fond of the Batnipples Cover simply because it pays tribute to one of Janet Jackson’s best albums: “Janet”.  There’s more than a few more if you follow the link below, but I think they would definitely exceed the PG-13 rating I’m trying to hold on to for dear life with my posts, so I’m just gonna stop with this Wolverine one for now.  RAWR!


Full Story HERE courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

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