Hello Avengers


These Hello Kitty / Avengers mash-ups have been making the rounds on the interwebs and I JUST HAD to post some of my favorites.

kittycap kittythor

kittyfalcon kittyhawk

Personally, I think Falcon looks the coolest.  IDK about you but if I saw a buffed out pink Avenger flying towards me to exact justice, I’d be wetting my pants a little bit.  I’d also be a little excited and let him do whatever he wants with me but that’s a whole different blog post that needs to happen.

But I digress.  More pics can be found HERE.

Incidentally, there was a whole uproar over the recent discovery that Hello Kitty is in fact NOT A KITTY!  Talk about the biggest Sanrio Surprise ever!  My childhood is officially ruined!

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