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Blogging is Hard

OK so it’s not actually hard.  The difficult part is just finding the time while trying to hold down a standard job.  In my case, it’s the business of corporate sales, which is taxing, exhausting and time-consuming beyond belief.  Regardless, I really need to force myself to update this , but in the meantime: OMG look it’s Bea Arthur as Sailor Dorothy!



WOOF Wednesday : Carver Twins


I feel absolutely horrible about the fact that I missed an opportunity to post a WOOF Wednesday entry last week.  So bad in fact, I’m doubling up this one with not one, but TWO completely woof-able specimens: Max and Charlie Carver.


This Terrific Twosome waltzed into my life on the 2nd Season of Teen Wolf as bad-ass werewolf twins that could strip shirtless and then hug it out to become one SUPER-bad-ass (although nowhere as attractive) Mega-Werewolf with mutton chops that rival Wolverines.  Seriously, they were SEVERE!


I also gotta give props to the adolescent show that I, as a middle-aged gay man probably shouldn’t be enjoying so much, for having one of the two twins play a gay character.  A strong, sexy, gay character with spontaneous episodes of nakedness.  Such a horrible affliction, really.

The Carver Twins in Teen Wolf Episode 3.10

If you haven’t seen an episode of Teen Wolf, you’re kinda missing out on a pretty cool Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Saved by the Bell sort of sitcom where every character is impossibly good-looking.  You’re also missing out on seeing Tyler Hoechlin, shirtless all the time.  A man who definitely deserves one of his own WOOF Wednesday entries but in the interest of being fair, I will refrain from posting pics of him on the Twins’ entry….

… oh what the hell.  BASK!  BASK I SAY!

Tyler Hoechlin shirtless teen wolf

Sexy Superheroes


Am I entirely wrong for finding some of these comic book variants a little hot?  I’ve been living and breathing some of these “Supermen” since I was a kid so it stands to reason that I would develop a not-altogether-healthy fascination with them, right?  Especially Colossus of the X-Men.  I know I spoke about him ever so briefly but I really need to get on a post of why he is literally the hottest superhero “alive”…. ok, I got distracted again.

At any rate, these variant covers are insane levels of awesome.  I am especially fond of the Batnipples Cover simply because it pays tribute to one of Janet Jackson’s best albums: “Janet”.  There’s more than a few more if you follow the link below, but I think they would definitely exceed the PG-13 rating I’m trying to hold on to for dear life with my posts, so I’m just gonna stop with this Wolverine one for now.  RAWR!


Full Story HERE courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Tony the Tiger


Stark, you Stud!

Hello Avengers


These Hello Kitty / Avengers mash-ups have been making the rounds on the interwebs and I JUST HAD to post some of my favorites.

kittycap kittythor

kittyfalcon kittyhawk

Personally, I think Falcon looks the coolest.  IDK about you but if I saw a buffed out pink Avenger flying towards me to exact justice, I’d be wetting my pants a little bit.  I’d also be a little excited and let him do whatever he wants with me but that’s a whole different blog post that needs to happen.

But I digress.  More pics can be found HERE.

Incidentally, there was a whole uproar over the recent discovery that Hello Kitty is in fact NOT A KITTY!  Talk about the biggest Sanrio Surprise ever!  My childhood is officially ruined!


Back from a spectacular vacation in New York City!  Will be posting all my adventures shortly but for now, I gotta get back into the groove of being a mild-mannered 9-5’er.

In the meantime, here are the X-Men on their own vacation courtesy of the incomparable Jim Lee.

Is it me or has Cyclops never looked hotter?  And is Colossus wearing a THONG?!